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‘My 600-LB Life’: Seven Stars Who Passed Away Since The Show Debuted

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My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? revisits the various stars who featured on the show. But, they simply don’t have enough time to follow up on every single person on the show. In fact, many aspects of the lives of those who struggle with weight loss don’t get shown. In June last year, TLC revisited the death of Sean Milliken. However, six others also died since the show debuted in 2012.

My 600-LB Life – the 7 stars who died, and more about the show

When Sean Milliken’s story got revisited, the network paid homage to him. He passed away in February of that year. First seen on the main show in 2016, he weighed nearly a thousand pounds. In fact, he actually weighed more than that at one stage. He ate a lot and his mom enabled him because of guilt after her divorce. She died, and after that Sean became depressed and very sad. Fans heard he died after he contracted an infection. He simply stopped breathing and passed away at the young age of 29.

The List explained that not everyone who stars on the show gets their full story revealed. After all, it takes about a year to shoot just what fans see. And, if they go for the skin removal operation, that’s yet another year or more of filming. Fans actually see an edited version. And, many of the actual scenes never get shown at all. But death is final. There’s no denying or editing out the fact My 600-LB Life stars die. TLC paid homage to Sean and a few of them died filming. But others mostly just pass away and get forgotten.

James King died in April this year

MSNBC cited The Wrap when they reported the death of James King. He died in Nashville and the cause of death’s not clear. But apparently the COVID-19 virus wasn’t the cause. Fans met him on the TLC show in 2017. Later, they brought him back. In that time between his two appearances, he actually gained weight. He originally weighed in at 791lbs. But in 2018, he weighed in at 840lbs. James struggled with sepsis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Another star, James L Bonner remains in the memories of TLC and Megalomedia production because his family filed lawsuits against them. Since then, nine people joined in on the claims against the production company. Many of them do it because they felt their mental health issues got ignored. James died after struggling with depression. He took his own life. Fans of My 600-LB Life saw him work so hard in his fight for his physical health, it’s tragic that his mental health ended his life.

Season 6 of My 600-lb Life a bad season as three people died

James Bonner featured in Season 6. So did Lisa Fleming, Cinemaholic reminds readers. She passed away and her daughter Danielle shared the sad news with fans. She weighed in at more than 700lbs. The show revealed she lost 200lbs of weight. Originally bedridden, she later died in bed as her daughter mourned and watched over her.

Another Season 6 star who died included Robert Buchel who died while filming. Fans know he suffered from an addiction to painkillers. When he passed away, his fiance mourned him. My 600-lb Life fans hoped for his life because he dropped from 840lbs to 340lbs. Unfortunately, he passed away from a heart attack.

Kelley Mason from Season 7

Kelly Mason got a lot of coverage by on My 600-Lb Life by TLC when she died. She passed away from a stoke. Her death sadly featured as her main storyline. But she made huge efforts with losing weight. Slimming down from 0ver 700lbs, under the care of Dr. Now, she eventually weighed in at less than 400lbs. Kelly passed away just before she turned 42. Prior to that, she shared how her weight loss led her to enjoy a whole “new world.”

Henry Foots, one of the first participants, also sadly took the spot with the first death from the My 600-LB Life show. He desperately hoped to shed enough weight to attend his old high school reunion. And, he did very well. Starting out at 750 pounds, in the end, he weighed 275 pounds. Starcasm reported that nobody knows what he died from in May 2013. But, he knew about death and believed in his god. He technically died while undergoing his second surgery and claimed he only returned because more things remained for him in this life.

Clearly, the people from My 600-Lb Life go through a lot of trauma and suffering: more than fans see on the actual show. Perhaps that might make mockers and trollers think twice before thoughtlessly saying horrid things about them on social media.

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