Abbie Duggar Considered Working Amid Pandemic

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Fans of Counting On may know that Abbie Duggar is a nurse. Abbie is John-David Duggar’s wife, and they share a nearly six-month-old baby girl, Grace. While Abbie hasn’t worked as a nurse since she and John tied the knot, she was a nurse prior to their courtship. So, a common question is whether she will go back to her career.

Right now, John and Abbie seem to be focusing on raising their new daughter. The couple is already adjusting parenthood, and they seem to love being parents to their little girl. They often gush over their daughter on social media.

While the couple has a shared Instagram account, they don’t post often on there. It appears that Abbie has a private Instagram account, which she likely uses to share photos with close friends and family. Abbie and John’s joint account has over 500,000 followers. So, John and Abbie might not post everything there because so many people can see their posts. Because of this, Duggar fans were curious about what the couple was up to during the pandemic.

John and Abbie Duggar discuss Abbie returning to work

In Season 11, Episode 1 of Counting On, John and Abbie talk about the pandemic. They also discuss their thoughts on Abbie returning to work amid the pandemic. In the episode, the couple is working on a garden. They talk about how it’s hard to get produce and other items at the grocery store, due to everyone panic-buying. So, a garden is a good way for them to grow their own produce when they can’t get any at the store.

In the episode, the Duggar couple also discusses the possibility of Abbie returning to work. They reveal that they did talk about it. As a nurse, she wants to be able to help. She talks about the need for nurses right now.

She mentioned that she previously worked with the elderly and that they are especially susceptible to the coronavirus. But, ultimately, she chose not to go back to work because of the couple’s young daughter. She didn’t want to put Grace’s health at risk. Early on in the pandemic, Grace was just a couple of months old. Obviously, John and Abbie wanted to keep their little one safe.

So, what do you think of Abbie’s decision not to head back to work? Share your thoughts below.

Don’t miss the Season 11 premiere of TLC’s Counting On on Tuesday, July 7! The first episode is all about the family navigating life amid the pandemic.

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