‘Animal Kingdom’ Season 5: When Should This Hit TNT?

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If you are waiting for Animal Kingdom Season 5, then it isn’t here just yet. Fans are used to seeing this show during the summer months. Things are really different right now due to COVID-19. So when you can expect another season?

When will Season 5 of Animal Kingdom happen?

Of course, things have changed and now Season 5 is going to be a longer wait than previously expected. Shawn Hatosy, who plays Pope, made it clear on a post that the show is coming back. Right now, shows just aren’t filming due to COVID-19.


As you can see above, they were filming Season 5 back in January. Jake Weary made sure to let fans know that. He also posted a picture with a couple of characters who aren’t around anymore, which of course, made fans miss seeing them around.

There is no announcement as of yet when the show will be back. You can assume that it will be later this year or next year. If TNT decides to keep the same schedule they have had in the past for Animal Kingdom then it probably won’t be back until the summer of 2021.

What can you expect?

Don’t forget that when Season 4 of Animal Kingdom came to an end, Smurf was dead. That is going to be a big shock for the entire show. Life without Smurf will make it where someone else needs to be in charge.

It will be a big change this season with Smurf gone. If Baz was still around, he would probably be in charge. Now that they are both gone, someone will have to step up and take over. It could be a bit difficult for everyone else to take orders from anyone else as well. A power struggle is going to happen for sure.

One thing that could happen is a bit more about Smurf’s past. The viewers got to see a lot about that in the last season. It made everyone understand her a bit more. Now that she is gone, there may not be much reason for that part of the show, though. They could go into some of the other cast members’ past, though. Fans would love to see more about why Pope is the way he is now.

Don’t miss Season 5 of Animal Kingdom when it comes back to TNT with new episodes. There is no exact date of when it will come back, but it is great news to know that it is renewed. They were also working on the show before COVID-19 hit.

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