‘Total Bellas’ Stars Nikki And Brie Open Up About Pregnancy Anxiety

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On the July 1 episode of The Bellas podcast, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella discuss their concerns about being pregnant amidst the Coronavirus. Nikki doesn’t like being trapped inside during her last few weeks of pregnancy. Meanwhile, Brie worries that her daughter, Birdie, isn’t getting enough social interaction. Both Total Bellas stars are ready for the pandemic to end.

Nikki wants to get out of the house

On The Bellas podcast, Nikki admits that she’s nearing her breaking point. Being on lockdown has made her anxious. She tells her sister, “I’m sick of being inside. I’m sick of not being a part of the world. I’m sick of being in the heat. And I can’t even go on my walks and I think that’s what’s made it worse.” Both Total Bellas stars plan to have their babies in July, so they’ve been spending most of their time resting.

Nikki also explains that she’s anxious because nobody knows when the Coronavirus will end. She wants to be able to go out and do fun things again. However, she understands the severity of the pandemic. While the Total Bellas star wishes things would return to normal, she doesn’t want to put others’ lives at risk by ignoring social distancing guidelines.

Nikki points out that whenever it seems like the Coronavirus is getting better, it gets worse again. She says, “I feel like we’re getting hit with a second wave right now, and then I’m like, okay, so is that a third wave in the fall?” She wonders when it will finally end.

Brie hopes that her daughter can play with other kids soon

Brie tells listeners that she wishes that Birdie’s life could go back to normal, as well. She jokes that the Total Bellas crew are Birdie’s only friends. She continues with a story, “We literally went on a walk this morning and she saw a little girl—they were walking by us—and Birdie’s face was like, ‘Ahhh! They do exist.’ ‘Cause she hasn’t been able to play with kids for months.” Brie can’t wait for the day when Birdie can have playdates again.

The Total Bellas twins are ready for their babies to arrive

As Nikki and Brie get closer to their due dates, they become more and more excited about the new additions to their families. Brie says that when she was pregnant with Birdie, she was most anxious in the last few weeks before she gave birth. The Total Bellas star had plans for a natural birth. However, she admits that she was so impatient that she almost asked the doctors to induce her labor.

Nikki also wants her baby to be born soon. She admits being pregnant during the pandemic is hard.  Nikki tells listeners that these thoughts almost triggered a mental breakdown recently.


Hopefully, Nikki’s and Brie’s babies will arrive soon so they can relax. Be sure to check TV Shows Ace for more updates.

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