‘Revenge’ Latinx Spinoff Rejected By ABC Before Pilot Filmed

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On Monday, ABC killed off any chance of a Revenge spinoff. The highly anticipated reboot had a lot of positive buzz. Fans around the world were getting excited for the return of revenge-y plots and drama. What do we know?

ABC Kills Revenge Spinoff

Sorry Revenge fans. The promised tales of clever retaliation are not going to happen. ABC nixed the updated Latinx spinoff. According to TV Line, ABC chose to “pass” on the reboot project. They had not even cast the reboot, nor filmed a pilot, which has to be incredibly disappointing to fans around the world.

This is especially unfortunate, as in January, there were already reports that they would turn this into an anthology series. The still undisclosed mentor, who everyone assumed would be fan favorite, Gabriel Mann, reprising his role as Nolan Ross, would mentor a new revenger each season.

ABC must have had some leftover red Sharpies on the old Revenge set, as they axed even more possible shows. That includes thirtysomething (else), the sequel to thirtysomething. And the “vampire soap” Brides.

All in all, this not a huge surprise. As the coronavirus hit Hollywood pretty hard, it impacted television and film schedules. Getting tried and true shows back on the air will be the priority. This is bad news for newbie shows. Two good examples of shows that didn’t get a sophomore season include Pauley Perrette’s Broke and Nathalie Kelley’s The Baker and The Beauty.

Whether due to a work stoppage or other unprecedented situation, new shows are the first to be axed. What is unfortunate here is that there is a ready-made, international audience who wants this sort of show.


What Was Revenge Spinoff About?

What was the premise of the Revenge spinoff? The story was to center around a young Latinx immigrant who wants exact revenge on those who murdered her mother. The mother worked for a Sackler-like pharmaceutical conglomerate. So, this woman would have to go into the complex world of pharmaceutical companies.

Now, this young woman is thrust into the star-studded world of Malibu. There is more money, more glamour and even more greed. They do not care that her family has been destroyed. She wants revenge. And, she needs to try to prevent a global epidemic from happening.

It is hard to believe that the powers that be at ABC didn’t see the current potential of such a story. Could another network or streaming service develop this series? Absolutely.

Show Producers Gets New HBO Max Deal

Although ABC nixed Revenge, producers Mike Kelley and Melissa Loy had something else to celebrate. According to the Futon Critic, HBO Max acquired the exclusive streaming rights to David Makes Man. Kelley and Loy are executive producers of the Peabody award-winning drama.

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