‘VPR’: Jax Taylor And Brittany Meet Up In Kentucky Ahead of Wedding Anniversary

VPR Jax taylor Brittany cartwright

VPR star Brittany went to Kentucky when her mom Sherri Cartright suffered complications after bladder surgery. Originally, Sherri hoped that she could spend time with Jax and Brittany at their place while she recovered. But the coronavirus and complications canceled her plans. So, Brittany went to Kentucky

VPR – Brittany’s mom went into ICU, Jax Taylor joins his wife in Kentucky

We noted that Brittany went to Kentucky when news emerged her mom Sherri ended up in ICU. Something went wrong with the surgical procedure, and it worried all her fans. Later, she recovered enough and moved out of ICU. Brittany rushed to her mom’s side right during the height of all the Faith Stowers drama and the firing by Bravo of her Vanderpump Rules castmates. Brittany’s been rather quiet on social media, but no doubt, she just focuses on her mom right now.

Jax and Brittany married on June 29 last year. VPR fans saw how the castle wedding seemed like a fairytale. A year ago, Brittany looked like a princess and her whole family gathered for the special event. But this year, her mom’s not well. So, Jax went to Kentucky as they celebrate their first wedding anniversary in a day or so. Actually, for her mom, this anniversary might mean almost as much as the wedding, as she really got so very ill.

Jax looks to be in a happy place in Kentucky

Brittany went from farm girl to star girl when she joined Vanderpump Rules. Glitzed and glammed, she seemingly enjoyed the lifestyle. But under it all, she knows her roots. Jax seems very happy when he visits Kentucky as well. It seems he too, enjoys the rather more laidback ranch lifestyle. So, hopefully, despite Sherri not feeling very well, they enjoy their anniversary on the farm. US Weekly reported that Jax shared photos of some antiques they picked up in the area. Bargain hunting’s a lot of fun and they seem to enjoy doing that.

The Vanderpump Rules stars drove along the road and Jax shared a little video story where he described how lovely the scenery looks near the farm. Plus, the VPR star shared about a ride-on mower and how he could do that all day. The couple owns a home in LA now and enjoys that lifestyle. But, it’s not hard to imagine Jax riding around a ranch checking on the livestock, either. Maybe one day, when Brittany and Jax get tired of all the glitz, labor, and social media scrutiny they might end up in a similar setting one day, surrounded by kids riding horses and swimming in the creeks. Hold that thought – you heard it here first!

VPR Jax and Brittany

What do you think about Jax and Brittany spending their first anniversary in such a different fashion compared to their elaborate wedding? Sound off in the comments below.

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