Carlin Bates Updates Fans On Layla’s Health: ‘I’m Learning To Trust God’

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Bringing Up Bates fans heard that Layla Rae Stewart was not in the best health recently. Layla is the daughter of Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart. The little one is almost five months old now.

As TV Shows Ace reports, Layla was having some health issues. Layla was diagnosed with a hole in her heart. Layla had low oxygen, and the family had to call 911. Carlin describes the moment as one of the scariest moments in her life. Since then, Carlin hasn’t been too active on social media. And, she hasn’t provided a formal update on Layla’s health.

So, when Carlin shared a new post on Instagram, one of her followers wanted to know how Layla was doing. Carlin replied, “She still has little breathing episodes that we have to monitor because of the hole in her heart, but the doctors have told us that this will most likely heal itself. We have to keep a close eye on her and sometimes that’s a little scary, but I’m learning to trust God through this daily!”

Carlin Bates talks about motherhood

On Saturday, June 27, Carlin shared a new social post about Layla. This is the same post where a Bringing Up Bates requested an update on Layla’s health. While Carlin did answer that question, the whole post isn’t about the baby’s health.

Carlin shares two new photos of herself and Layla. In the photos, Carlin is wearing a pink button-down dress, which she reveals is from the Bates Sisters Boutique. She also adds that it’s not available yet, but it will be soon. Layla is wearing a little blue outfit and has a bow on her head.

In the caption, Carlin Bates talks about motherhood and says that she is obsessed with Layla. She goes on to say that Layla is the “highlight” of her morning.

The young mother sweetly writes, “I anticipate every little smile or glance or baby cuddle, and it seems my new hobbies and every exciting moment revolves around you. Watching you learn new tricks and explore the world is the magic of my days! I have so much love for you baby girl.” She also reminds fans that Layla is almost five months old.

Of course, fans are gushing over the baby girl and the cute new photos. They think that Carlin is already a wonderful mother and can’t wait to see more updates as Layla grows.

So, are you happy to hear an update about Layla’s health? What do you think of the new photos? Share your thoughts below.

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