Anna Duggar Shares A Peek Into Maryella’s Nursery

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On Saturday, June 27, Anna Duggar documented Maryella’s latest milestone. Josh and Anna’s youngest daughter is now seven months old! As she usually does, Anna got Maryella all ready for a little photo shoot. Each month, Anna places a sign beside Maryella. This time, the sign reads, “It’s a beautiful day to be 7 months.”

In this post, Anna doesn’t give an update on Maryella’s milestones. But she does share a couple of extra pictures with her over 900,000 social media followers. In one photo, Maryella is sitting in her crib in her nursery. Her nursery features a dark wood crib with a couple of wall decorations hanging nearby. There’s also a rocking chair and a fiddle leaf fig tree beside the crib. Some of Anna’s followers want to know if it’s real or not. This picture only includes a small part of Maryella’s nursery, but Duggar fans are loving how it looks.

Some of Anna’s followers are asking about how many bedrooms are in Josh and Anna’s home. The couple has six children, so they’d have to have a big home if all the kids have their own rooms. But, from the looks of it, Maryella has her own nursery.

The final picture in Anna’s newest post is of Anna and Maryella outside together. Anna is holding Maryella up in the air, and they both seem very happy.

Duggar baby nurseries

In November 2019, several new Duggar babies were born. So, fans are loving getting to see so many baby photos. Along with seeing frequent pictures of the babies, they are also getting a glimpse into the babies’ nurseries.

Joe and Kendra Duggar welcomed Addison into their little family in November. In a video with Counting On on Facebook, the couple shares about their two kids’ bedrooms. Their son Garrett has his own bedroom, while Addison uses the Pack ‘N Play in the guest bedroom. She also has a couple of other items in her room, but she doesn’t have an official nursery.

Josiah and Lauren gave fans a tour of Bella’s nursery. In the video, they point out some of the special items that are a part of her nursery.

John and Abbie showed off their daughter, Grace’s nursery. Grace was born in January 2020, just a few months after the baby boom in November.

So, what do you think of Anna’s latest post about Maryella? Do you like seeing the Duggar babies’ nurseries? Share your thoughts below.

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