‘Married At First Sight’ Stars Danielle Bergman And Bobby Dodd ‘Blessed’ To Be Expecting Second Child

Danielle and Bobby of Married at First Sight

Good news for fans of Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd of Married at First Sight! The pair announces on Wednesday night’s episode of Couples Cam that they are expecting again. Danielle also reveals the news on Instagram that their second child is due in January 2021.

Married at First Sight stars Danielle and Bobby expecting again

Danielle Bergman and Robby Dodd of the Lifetime reality show, Married at First Sight are expecting. Moreover, Danielle posts to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal their son or daughter is due in January 2021.


In an interview with People, Brittany gushes how “blessed and lucky” they are to announce they are able to grow their family by one more. Bergman continues by saying how much Olivia has positively changed their lives in so many ways. She says they “can’t wait to be able to give her a sibling.”

Brittany also shares images with People of Olivia, wearing a pink shirt with the caption “Big Sis.” The cute 16-month-old is seen posing next to an ultrasound image, as in the Instagram post above. Bergman goes on to explain how she and Bobby both loved growing up with siblings. They cannot wait to see the special bond that will form between Olivia and her sibling.

About Danielle and Bobby of Married at First Sight

Danielle is a software sales account exec and met Bobby, a construction project manager on Season 7 of Married at First Sight. They wed after meeting for the first time on the show in 2018. Danielle and Bobby reveal in October 2018 that they are expecting a child together. They told People at the time how “beyond blessed” they were to announce they were growing their family.

When Olivia is born in February 2019, Danielle says “Olivia Nicole is finally here.” She continues by saying how “absolutely enamored” they both are with the baby. Bergman says the second they laid eyes on Olivia, they knew she was exactly what they have waited their whole lives for.

Danielle and Bobby of Married at First Sight
Danielle and Bobby of Married at First Sight [Image @_daniellenicole__/Instagram]

Danielle experiences difficulties in first pregnancy

The pregnancy wasn’t easy for Married at First Sight star, who was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. This is a “life-threatening pregnancy complication,” considered to be a variant of preeclampsia. Symptoms include high blood pressure, which in Danielle’s case took five days to bring down. The whole time this is happening, Danielle believes she was about to have a stroke. She also opens up about a scary night that includes constant vomiting and issues with blood clotting. Terrifying for the new mom, indeed!

Danielle and Bobby had planned on trying again for another baby quickly to keep their kids close together in age. However, she does admit that her experience did freak them out. In fact, it freaked them out so much they considered keeping Olivia as an only child. Luckily, despite the problems, Olivia turned out to be a “happy and healthy little girl.” She had no issues whatsoever, despite her “rough entrance into the world.”

Here’s hoping for an easy and trouble-free pregnancy for Danielle the second time around!

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