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Lauren & Josiah Duggar SLAMMED For Not Wearing Masks At Target

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Josiah Duggar and his wife Lauren were recently spotted by fans at Target. According to the Duggar Snark Subreddit, Josiah, Lauren, and their daughter Bella were shopping together.

Duggar Snark spots Josiah and Lauren at Target.

“She was in her hat, baby was in the buggy, and Sia was lifting and placing all the Hearth & Hand items they could handle in their cart,” the individual revealed. Now, the Duggar Snark that posted did not provide a photo confirming they saw Lauren and Josiah in the store. But, they had an explanation for it. Turns out, they did take a picture. They just didn’t want the backlash that came with sharing the photo.

“I snapped a pic but didn’t post it so I wouldn’t get yelled at by people telling me to let them live their lives,” the individual continued to explain.

Turns out, they weren’t done. After all, Duggar Snark isn’t really a place where fans go to gush about getting to see the Duggars in public. This is a place where followers of the family go to snark on their lifestyle choices. The original poster noted Lauren and Josiah Duggar were nearly the only people in the entire store that were not wearing face masks.

Unsurprisingly, this wasn’t something frequenters of the Duggar Snark Subreddit enjoyed learning. In fact, they had A LOT to say about it.

Duggar Snarks slam the couple for shopping without masks.

“Not wearing masks is about all I needed to know and I’m not surprised at all,” one Reddit user penned in response. Here’s what other Duggar Snarks had to say:

  • “They can pray coronavirus away.”
  • “Lauren wouldn’t want to block her pretty face.”
  • “Exactly. They’re ‘pro-life’ until it involves them actually doing anything to prevent OTHER people from dying. They’ll rally for unborn babies but when it comes to wearing a mask for those already living it’s just too much work for them!”
  • “Wearing masks shows you care about other people. It protects others more than yourself.”
  • “Yep she can wear that stupid hat but not a mask. F**k her, honestly.”
  • “Why is it only the Uber-conservative people who seem to be against a mask? Working in a hospital, I can’t understand why every single person would not want to do their part to stop truly horrific covid deaths. I mean, it’s terrible. I hate wearing a mask, they are hot and make me break out. BUT- it’s better than contributing to a pandemic. How they can call themselves Christian but be so selfish is beyond me.”

Many Duggar Snarks were quick to clarify the point of a face mask would not be to protect Lauren and Josiah. It would be to protect the other people in the stores. Moreover, most took issue with Lauren rocking her strange out of season hat while avoiding a face mask. Furthermore, many questioned how they could be “pro-life” and “Christian” while choosing not to wear a mask.

So, does it surprise you to know Lauren and Josiah shop without face masks? Sound off in the comments.

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