Olivia Plath Addresses Her Stance On Black Lives Matter And Social Media

Olivia Plath on Black Lives Matter

Olivia Plath recently took some heat from fans of Welcome To Plathville. The TLC star got slammed for traveling to photograph weddings in Austin, Texas. Some people felt she didn’t take social-distancing seriously. But others slammed her for not saying more about Black Lives Matter. Olivia addressed her stance about it on her Instagram Stories on Saturday.

Olivia Plath and Black Lives Matter

The TLC star shares photos of weddings and receptions as she’s a wedding photographer. But, she seldom shares anything about Black Lives Matter. In fact, we noted that she seems a bit hesitant to address it on her social media. We noticed that around early June she seemingly opted out of sharing BLM hashtags. As TV Shows Ace reported at the time, “Instead, she told her fans that other voices needed their ears.” But in about the second week of June, she mentioned the protests for social justice briefly and admitted she felt a “little hesitant to post.”

Now, Olivia Plath told her Welcome To Plathville fans what she feels about all of it. Incidentally, she also mentioned that when she photographs weddings, she uses a mask and social distances. That’s another point fans picked at. In a series of four video clips, she shared that she feels “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” Olivia reminded fans that her mom’s a teacher and she got an excellent education. So, she already learned a lot about equality and society.

More to learn still, says Olivia

Ethan Plath’s wife noted that despite her excellent education, she discovered she never learned enough about Black Lives Matter. She shared about a book she purchased and read. Olivia said, “Silence does not always = indifference.” The Welcome to Plathville star added, “It’s better to take the time to form educated opinions.” That’s in preference to talking for the “sake of speaking up.” She feels it’s important to first know the facts.

She emphases that not sharing doesn’t mean she “doesn’t care.” In fact, she feels people educating themselves “behind the scenes” is vitally important. Olivia said it’s “unacceptable” that she never learned enough about Black history. So, she spends her time becoming familiar with the facts. Olivia Plath said she’ll talk more to her fans after the weekend. Maybe, as she learns more, she starts sharing what she learns. That possibly brings meaningful discussion on her Instagram going forward.


Hashtags and black boxes don’t go far enough

Some reality stars lost their jobs after using social media inappropriately. Perhaps it’s very wise to only talk about these social issues if you know what you are talking about. Perhaps in time, Olivia Plath brings something more meaningful to the discussion than just a few hashtags. Many people got criticized for just posting a Black Out Tuesday black box and a few hashtags. Activists don’t believe they go far enough.

What do you think about Olivia Plath’s stance on education before speaking out about Black Lives Matter? Sound off in the comments below.

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