Ensley Eason Fearlessly Lets A Snake Crawl On Her Arm

Ensley Eason

Ensley Eason might be the best thing that ever happened to Jenelle Evans and her husband David. Even critics of the Teen Mom couple agree she’s a real little charmer. Now, the fearless little girl quite happily handled a snake that Jenelle handed to her. It’s not clear from her Instagram Story what kind of snake it was. But, it might be an eastern worm snake.

Ensley Eason seems very taken with a snake

Ensley and her family all hung at the pool. It’s their favorite place it seems. Over in her Instagram Stories, Jenelle shared two or three short clips about a snake. First, she showed herself holding it in her hand. Then Ensley came over and seemed very taken with it. Carefully, Jenelle told her to just let it crawl on her arm. Ensley made little “aww” noises, like a kid who just spotted a cute puppy. It certainly seems it’s not the first time she encountered a snake in North Carolina.

Jenelle let Ensley hold the snake for a bit before taking it away and releasing it back into the grass. The little snake certainly didn’t seem at all stressed by the encounter. Unfortunately, the videos a bit small to make out the species of snake that Ensley Eason handled so fearlessly. But, it’s highly unlikely Janelle would let her play with a dangerous one. Possibly, it could be an eastern worm snake. According to What Snake Is That? if it is a worm snake, then it’s not venomous.

Ensley Eason and the snake
Jenelle Evans | Instagram Stories

Jenelle back with David Eason on The Land

David’s wife seems reluctant to leave their property in the wilds of North Carolina. Certainly, the kids enjoy the outdoors. Perhaps that’s why she went back to David Eason. Recently, she told fans she left him again after he allegedly assaulted her friend Spivey. But he said that she never left David and remains with him on The Land. From the clips Jenelle shared about Ensley and the snake, it seems she definitely remains on The Land.

Possibly, city dwellers will freak out that Ensley Eason handled a snake. But, for kids growing up in rural areas, loving and understanding nature’s really just a part of growing up. The Teen Mom alums lived on their homestead for nearly three years. So, Ensley pretty much spent most of her life living in a wild area. Fans just think it’s all a great pity that David can’t seem to stop his aggressive ways. Since he shot and killed Jenelle’s dog Nugget, they fear for the kids.

What do you think about Ensley Eason so fearlessly playing with a snake her mom Jenelle found? Do you think that living out in the wilder areas provides a special environment for kids? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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