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‘Counting On’ Critics Take Issue With Joy-Anna Forsyth’s Gun Safe

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The topic of Joy-Anna Forsyth and gun ownership is currently swirling.

Counting On fans know Joy-Anna Forsyth and the entire Duggar clan are extremely conservative. Before stepping into the life of reality TV, Joy-Anna’s father was a Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives. And, now, Jedidiah Duggar is believed to be following in his father’s footsteps. The question is… Where do the family’s beliefs fall when it comes to guns? Do they have an opinion?

The Duggar family is seemingly supportive of gun ownership.

Now, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar didn’t really make a habit of discussing guns with their children. At least not when they were being watched by TLC viewers. But, there are older reports about the family’s relationship with guns. Back in July of last year, Radar Online reported on it.

According to the outlet, this was around the time that Jim Bob and Michelle listed their huge mansion. Among the pictures, was one that featured the Duggar clan’s gun collection. And it, unsurprisingly, attracted a lot of attention. The mansion was listed for $1.5 million. And, they had an entire room dedicated to their gun collection.

Why did the family have so many guns? Fans were intrigued.

Attention regarding Duggars and guns has shifted to Joy-Anna and Austin

Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth are constantly making headlines right now. They are pregnant. Expecting a little girl. A sister for their son Gideon. Joy-Anna and her husband also work together flipping houses. And, they are very active on social media.

But, it is one post in particular, that has Counting On critics talking. An Instagram post featuring Joy-Anna’s 30-week baby bump. An Instagram post from a little less than two weeks ago. Just what is it that has fans up in arms? Well, it is the large gun safe that is visible in the background of her photo.

Now, fans know Joy-Anna and Austin enjoy going out on trips into nature. And, it is safe to assume they bring guns with them. But, that isn’t stopping Counting On critics from taking issue with the gun safe in her bedroom.

In fact, here’s what some Duggar critics have had to say on Reddit.

  • “Oh god I missed the gun safe next to the bed… How romantic!”
  • “The gun safe is not my idea of decor though!”
  • “I want to speculate on what looks like a gun safe in the corner. Besides guns, what other secrets could be locked away in the safe? Suffocating NDAs? A secret stash of bootie shorts and bikinis?!”

So, what do you think about the gun safe in Joy-Anna Forsyth’s bedroom? Sound off down below!


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