‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Demi Burnett and Slater Davis Quitsville

'Bachelor in Paradise' Demi Burnett

After just four months of being Instagram official, Bachelor in Paradise alum, Demi Burnett, and musician, Slater Davis, split up reports UsWeekly.

A recap of Demi and Kristian

Fans may remember Demi and her high energy self from Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor. Understandably, her unforgettable personality and high energy made her a prime candidate to make it to Bachelor in Paradise. Additionally, fans may also remember Kristian Haggerty joining Demi in Paradise. Sadly, according to Cosmpolitian Demi and Kristian allegedly broke up due to distance issues. Apparently, the couple wasn’t able to spend much time together after Bachelor in Paradise. On October 31, 2019, each woman took to Instagram to announce their decision to break up.


And then Slater came along

In January 2020, Demi and Slater began dating according to Entertainment Tonight. While it appears to be a quick turnaround to some, a Demi tells Entertainment Tonight, “I’m obsessed with him. He’s the best ever. I feel like such a weird little sap, but he’s the most incredible person I’ve ever met and I can’t get enough of him.”


Ironically enough, Demi also told sources, “We’re just happy and I can’t get enough of him. I never want to be not around him. I feel like such a weirdo, because I’m not like this normally, but I’m obsessed with him.” However, it seems that she may have gotten enough of him as she tells UsWeekly that they “fought a lot” during self-isolating. Also to note is that Demi was self-isolating with Slater and his family. In her May episode of “Big Demi Energy” podcast she explains, “[When] you spend that much time with someone and their family- it’s like you start nit-picking and start getting mad over the stupidest stuff and fighting about it.”

“They fell hard for each other fast. They care about each other so much, and are figuring things out as quarantining continues,” a source tells Entertainment Tonight in light of the breakup news. Understandably, it seems that the couple is past “figuring things out”. Demi has since deleted photos from Instagram. Not only that, but she and Slater have unfollowed each other. Davis posted a selfie with the caption, “So many ups n downs.” The selfie and caption accompany a broken heart emoji.

What’s happening now?

However, fans are already speculating that Demi is romantically linked to fellow Bachelor alum, Nick Viall. Nick takes to his podcast, the “Viall Files” to deny the claims. Contradictory to his claims, the duo have been hanging out for months. Viall also captions a photo of the two with, “Better than Zoom.”    Demi also tweets quotes from Nick. “Be the person you would be proud of a month from now,” she tweets. She goes on to say, “Something Nick Viall told me.” It would appear that the two are spending a lot of time together.


While it’s uncertain what “figuring things out” means in regards to Demi and Slater, we’re also unsure if romance is in the air for Demi and Nick. Keep it tuned to TV Shows Ace for more Bachelor Nation and television news.

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