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Olivia Plath Offers Wedding Photography Mentoring

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Olivia Plath seems so excited about the restrictions easing during the coronavirus pandemic. Fans of Welcome to Plathville know that she works as a wedding photographer. Naturally, at one stage the TLC star struggled for business as people delayed or canceled their weddings. Now, with business picking up, she shares some lovely shots of married couples and their receptions. People who like the idea of her field of work hope to break into the business. Luckily, Oliva said she mentors photographers.

Olivia Plath tells fans she offers wedding photography mentoring

Taking to Instagram this week, Olivia shared a photo of a family celebrating a wedding at their reception. She said she plans on sharing more pictures of those gatherings. Many fans liked that. They said they married and ended up with more wedding photos than the celebration afterward. Fans noted that Olivia captured the faces and emotions of everyone so very well. Of course, some of them gave Olivia dire warnings about coronavirus and gatherings. But presumably, she brushed up on safety suggestions.

The most interesting news emerged on a photo shared shortly before the wedding reception one. It came when a fan told Olivia Plath they struggle with breaking into the industry. They asked, “what were some of the first steps you took to being a wedding photographer? I recently started my own photography business and it seems like weddings are so difficult to get in to! Would love any pointers that you have!” Well, the Welcome to Plathville alum replied with good news. She said, “Hey girl!! I offer mentor sessions if you’re interested!! 💛”

Fans of Welcome to Plathville hope for a spinoff for Olivia and Ethan

Apart from asking about photography and weddings. Olivia’s fans often ask if the show returns to TLC. As she never replies, some hopeful fans take it as a sign something might be in the works. Meanwhile, over on her husband’s page fans persistently ask Ethan if a new show comes along. It sounds like most of them hope for a spinoff that features Ethan and Olivia. Others hope for more of Moriah and Micah, Ethan’s younger siblings.

Not too many of them seem keen on seeing more of Ethan’s restrictive parents, Kim and Barry. Once again, he never responds to those questions about the show. So, fans hope for something. While Olivia Plath fills her Instagram with photos of weddings, Ethan posts more about their daily lives. He shared the news that he and Olivia built an extension at their home. The two of them extended their outdoor area with a porch. They looked forward to enjoying “summer evenings” out there.

With Olivia traveling so much for work, some fans wonder they ever get the time to relax at home. Those who hope to break into the wedding photogprahy business will no doubt get ahold of Oliva Plath in her DMs to find out more about her mentoring.

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