Five More ‘Married at First Sight’ Hopefuls Are Ready to Rise Above for Love in New Orleans

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Many fans were forlorn, to say the least, about the sideshows, shakedowns, and sadness that filled Season 10 of Married at First Sight.  The Washington DC hopefuls spoke passionate and committed vows, but in the end, some of the husbands and wives engaged in criminal activity, beyond being untruthful. It was more than a case of being in it for the wrong reasons.

Wedding pictures are always a wonderful way to spark dreams of marital bliss, and it doesn’t hurt that Married at First Sight gave fans vignettes of marital bliss from success stories through the height of self- quarantining under the coronavirus siege.  Jamie and Doug, Austin and Jessica, Beth and Jamie, Stephanie and AJ, Greg and Deonna, Kristine and Keith, Bobby and Danielle, and Shawniece and Jephte all took their cameras up close to share glimpses of life for Married at First Sight: Couples Cam.

News broke yesterday, June 16, per the New York Post and Lifetime previews that Married at First Sight Season 11, promised since the finale of Season 9, will premiere on the network July 15.   The ride to finding forever love is already touted as “the craziest season ever” in “The Big Easy” of New Orleans. The five matches made by the experts have very different reasons for risking everything in the arranged- marriage experiment.

Bennett and Amelia are betting on the best odds

No one knows if any of these hopeful couples will fulfill their dreams of lasting love and a happy family, but Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner certainly take the trooper honors in every sense.  Both lovebirds admit that their slow and easy approach to  Married at First Sight love forged something real and lasting, and the parents proved they had what it takes to come through an at-home birth with no anesthetics in last night’s Couples Cam.  Mom Jamie says that three-year-old big sister, Henley, isn’t “all that interested” in her newborn brother, Hendrix, but Doug and Jamie cherish his arrival even more as a memory,  every labor pain is preserved for posterity, and every moment came amidst a pandemic.

Bennett and Amelia can take inspiration from Doug and Jamie, but Bennett actually likes the Married at First Sight success rates.  The 28-year-old New Jersey native is the artistic director of a theater company was compelled to take the leap for love. That is even though the statistics work out to only 28.6% of marital success.  The nine bonded couples on the show can’t be wrong, he wagers and his medical resident match, Amelia, already has an affinity for an arranged marriage.  It runs in her family. Her grandparents didn’t suffer from the process, so she puts faith in first-sight fidelity.  Her Virginia roots still running deep.

This match is likely to look far beyond the surface qualities in their mate, which certainly will be refreshing to fans.

Woody and Amani look forward to sharing life together

Woody is a teacher and coach whose hometown is New Orleans.  He learned kindness and hospitality from his mother, which is common in the Crescent City.  He wants to share her values and heart wih the love of his life.

Amani is from the big city of Chicago but came to New Orleans to attend college.  She works with a nonprofit for youth.  She aspires to start her own nonprofit, but first wants to explore the world with family plans falling into the picture later.

Values and vocation may be the aspects that work for these two.   Time will tell if the seemingly more free-spirited girl can settle down in her hubby’s hometown.  Their Married at First Sight future could be interesting.

Brett and Olivia are already close to home on ‘Married at First Sight’

Prospective lifelong partners, Brett and Olivia are both from different cities in Louisiana, so there’s no risk of culture shock for this couple.  Brett is 35, and Olivia is 30, so both have done some living before this walk down the aisle.

Olivia also works in the medical field, as a nurse, while Brett works in IT.  Brett is proud to be a recently certified AWS Cloud practitioner, but Olivia has devoted enough time to her career.  She feels ready to focus on her relationship life. Brett believes that history is on the side of arranged marriage.  He declares that he has “always been ready for marriage.”

This match makes a beautiful couple in portraits and a common commitment to a lasting relationship is a wonderful starting point.   Married at First Sight could take them places.

Christine and Henry opt for ‘Married at First Sight’ over the single life

Smiling and seeming at ease in their portrait, Christine and Henry may already have what it takes to last. But a lot can happen in eight weeks on Married at First Sight.

Christine comes to the experiment after getting out of a five-year relationship.  She was raised in Louisiana by her single mom. Because of this, her views on marriage might be jaded, or starry-eyed, depending on her life experiences up to age 30.

Henry is 35 and ready to surrender the hunt for love on dating apps and blind dates.  He is a clinical recruiter and tired of being recruited by outsiders for love.  He is ready to settle down at 35.

Life gives everyone enough baggage to carry and let’s hope this couple is ready to let go of past disappointments and look to the possibilities in the future.

Miles and Karen just want the right match

Karen is from the state capital of Baton Rouge, but she’s very tired of her dating struggles over five years and still finding herself single.  She wants to show and the experts to pull off Married at First Sight magic that she hasn’t been able to conjure on her own.

Karen is 30, but her expertly-paired husband, Miles, is 26 and has already found his career passion in life.  He is devoted to education and working with children, so he already has a heart for changing the future.  Dating made him feel “limited” per his profile, so here’s looking to a journey of limitless love for this bride and groom on Married at First Sight.

Beautiful portraits are easy to create compared to successful marriages. Season 11 of Married at First Sight sets off from New Orleans on July 15 on Lifetime.  Stay tuned for the stresses, surprises, and things no one suspected on the road to marital bliss.

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