Petition to Fire ‘VPR’ Star Reaches 10K Signatures After Tense Reunion, Fans Not Happy With Brittany, Either

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The petition for Bravo to fire Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules gained 8,000 signatures in two days. On Monday, June 15, the petition was at almost 3K signatures. One day after the disastrous part three of the reunion, the petition is at over 10K. 

Fans are fed up with Jax’s behavior and so are some of his co-stars. Ariana Madix, in particular, went head-to-head with Jax at the reunion. And why wouldn’t she?

Throughout the season, he made snide comments on-and-off-screen about her sexuality and her mental health. At the same time as claiming that he is suffering from a “sprained brain.” 

VPR Reunion Showdown: Ariana Vs. Jax

While most of the VPR cast lets Jax steamroll them and get away with things, Ariana puts him in his place. Throughout the three parts of the Season 8 reunion, Ariana called Jax out several times. 

Ariana’s first issue with Jax was his treatment of Tom Sandoval, Ariana’s long-time boyfriend. The former close friends had a falling out during Season 8 that culminated in them taking a ‘break’ from their friendship. 

At one point, Jax disinvited Sandoval to his wedding. While Jax eventually relented, he now says he regrets it. AND he says that Sandoval only went out of his way to attend to the guests for good TV. Ariana and Scheana Shay both called Jax out for saying this, insisting that Sandoval is a great friend. 

Jax has made several comments about Ariana being bi. In fact, Brittany scolded him during a Watch What Happens Live appearance for saying Sandoval and Ariana won’t have kids because Ariana “likes women.” 

The VPR’s star seemingly homophobic comments are under a new spotlight due to his other questionable comments. His former co-star, Billie Lee, alleges that Jax wouldn’t film with her because she’s trans. 

*NSYNC member and close friend of Lisa Vanderpump, Lance Bass, recently cut business ties with Jax over his homophobic and racist comments. 

Fans Furious that Jax Laughed At VPR Co-Star’s Depression

During the third part of the reunion, host Andy Cohen brought up the topic of Ariana’s struggle with depression. The usually reserved VPR star finally let viewers into her life during Season 8. And her depressive thoughts and mood swings were openly discussed. 

Ariana even confided having suicidal thoughts. Jax, along with some other co-stars, pooh-poohed Ariana’s mental health. In fact, Lala Kent called Ariana a “wet blanket.” 

With the virtual reunion, everyone was on-camera at all times. When Ariana was talking about her mental health, fans noted that Jax laughed. The Blast reports that some fans were absolutely furious with Jax’s dismissive behavior.


Fans are Sick of VPR’s Brittany Defend Her Husband’s Behavior

When Jax started dating Brittany, fans were taken by her innocence and kindness. The Kentucky native is also a favorite among her co-stars. However, fans were not happy with Brittany’s behavior this season. 

When Sandoval brought up the pastor drama to Jax, Brittany suggested her husband “knock him the f**k out” for it. When Jax disinvited some people to a pool party, Sandoval and Ariana hosted them at a pool party of their own. Brittany went off on them for disrespecting her husband. 

As Brittany said at the reunion, Jax is her husband and she will ALWAYS defend him. However, fans think Brittany has changed too much since hooking up with Jax. 

During the reunion, Brittany screamed at Ariana for interrupting Jax when he was explaining – once again – how he is a “work in progress.” 

One fan wrote on Twitter that Brittany has become “intolerable.” Another fan agreed, calling the VPR star “insufferable” this season. 


While the petition only calls for Jax’s firing, many fans are clamoring for him to take Brittany with him. 

Bravo has yet to respond to the growing cry for them to fire Jax. Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni were all let go by Bravo last week for similar behavior that Jax has shown. Fans want to know why Jax keeps getting a free pass. 

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  1. “The Toms & Raquel should be fired for manipulating and fabricating false storylines to keep this dark secret. They tried to outsmart production and withhold their true personal lives and still collect their check. This is aside from ruining everyone they love for sport.”
    “Somebody PLEASE fire Raquel. Building story lines off multiple women via their spouses/partners is pathetic. Time to show true support for Katie [Maloney] and Ariana. Underneath that dumb blonde routine was a conniving p.o.s. Who needs to go!”
    “Fire His A** and Raquel Let them Rude [sic] into the Sunset.”

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