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‘1000-LB Sisters’ Fans Clamor For Another Season Of The TLC Show

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1000-Lb Sisters only brought one season of Amy and Tammy Slaton on TLC. When the season ended, fans hoped for an announcement about the renewal of the show. But, nothing came from the network. Recently, Amy Slaton Halterman became a bit more active on YouTube and Instagram. She revealed she hurt her nose, and also cut her hair very short. Her fans now clamor for more of them, desperate for another season.

1000-Lb Sisters and a second season of the show

When the first season ended, we noted that plenty of storylines remained for a new season. Fans saw Dr. Proctor promise Tammy that if she lost more weight, then he’d “talk with her about tummy surgery.” Meanwhile, her sister Amy qualified. Naturally, Tammy provided a whole new season to see if she caught up with her sister. She’s still got a long way to go on her weight loss journey.  But, word came from  Tammy, that no plans exist for a second season.

Heavy reported that Tammy answered a fan who asked about it. She replied, “No, sorry. We’re not doing another season.” Well, some fans just thought that Tammy maybe sulked a bit as Amy went and got her surgery and she didn’t. But that prediction might be correct now. After all, since their show ended, TLC never yet dangled any Season 2 carrots to hungry fans. So for now, 1000-Lb Sisters fans only feed their passionate interest with more from My 600-Lb Life.  

Amy cuts her hair and talks about her nose, fans want more of them

Fans know that during the coronavirus, the two women seem okay. Amy shared a few videos on her YouTube channel. Recently, she explained that the mask she wears rubbed her nose raw. In the comments, plenty of people thanked her for continuing to share her updates. They want more of them on TLC.

One fan put their finger on why people ask for more. They wrote, “I never thought there would come a day, where I would even think about resubscribing and feeling positive about you and your channel. Never. It is amazing to see the transformation – you’re more confident, positive, no drama, no trolling, no lies, bullsh*t or blaming or making excuses.”

1000-Lb Sisters fans on her Instagram post about her haircut also clamored for another season. Over there, Amy shared that she cut her hair very short. She explained, “Gastric bypass surgery makes your hair fall out. So I cut it to help with that problem.” Here’s what just a few people said to Amy about a new season:

  • “We need a season 2!!!!!”
  • “I have longed for a season 2”
  • “When is the show coming back and I love you guys.”
  • “When are y’all coming back??? We miss you”
  • “I miss you guys! Wish there was another season! Come to Ohio for a fan meet and greet!!!”

What do you think about many 1000-Lb Sisters fans calling for Season 2 from TLC? Sound off in the comments below.

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