'BIP' Couple Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert via Instagram

‘BIP’ Couple Dean Unglert, Caelynn Miller-Keyes Confuse Fans With Speculation Of Relationship Status

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There has been a lot of speculation recently surrounding Bachelor in Paradise couple Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Many were thinking the two had broken up. The speculation was due to Dean saying he was living in the van again. And, many believed some photos of them together were removed from Instagram. So what’s going on with these two?

Dean and Caelynn are still together

Since sharing fan speculation that these two had split, it appears they are still together. Both Dean and Caelynn have shared photos that indicate they are still in love and an item. The rumors can be put to rest because Caelynn did accompany Dean to South Dakota to see his brother. He went to his Instagram stories to share some of their adventures in the van.

Dean also shared that Caelynn went climbing. And, there is a photo showing Caelynn and their dog Pappy. He said, “These majestic creatures came too.” Yesterday, Caelynn shared a photo of her rock climbing. She said, “Dean finally got me to go rock climbing. You’re next Paps.” She also shared a photo of them together discussing ways to contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Dean’s first climb since his accident

Dean also shared a photo of himself on Instagram rock climbing. He said it was huge for him because it was the first climb he has done since he broke his leg. Dean has had a long road to recovery. He broke his leg in December.

Now, he says, “My flexibility has been the last thing to come back. putting on socks is still a challenge, I have a hitch in my step when I climb stairs, and walk with a limp if I’m tired. But it all gets a little better every day!”

Their relationship ceremony

When Dean broke his leg, Caelynn dropped everything and flew overseas to be with him. The two are such a strong couple. Fans love them and are glad to see Dean settling down. While there has been no public talk of marriage in their near future, many speculate. They speculated at one point that Dean and Caelynn were engaged or had gotten married.

It turns out the couple participated in a commitment ceremony. They pledged their love to one another and vowed to be together. In the past, Dean has been against marriage. Will Caelynn be able to change his mind?

The two also recently adopted their foster dog, Pappy. The three of them are adorable and fans love when they share glimpses into their lives. So, while nobody knows what goes on behind the scenes, know that Caelynn and Dean are still together and in love.

Stay tuned for more information on Dean, Caelynn and all your favorite Bachelor alums.


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