‘Sister Wives’: Has Kody Brown Spoken About Black Lives Matter?

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Some Sister Wives fans are wondering if Kody Brown has had anything to say about the black lives matter movement. In order to find out, we’ve done a little digging into his social media profiles. And, here’s what we’ve discovered.

Kody Brown is not as active on social media as his wives.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that Kody Brown is not very active on social media. In fact, the only time Kody is consistently active on social media is when a season of Sister Wives is airing on TV. Otherwise, his posts are pretty sporadic. Still, he has 130,000 followers on Twitter. And, those followers look to him to see if he’ll say something about black lives matter.

Kody Brown’s wives recently dipped their toes into the movement. A few days ago, Meri Brown joined the movement. She shared a very deep and thoughtful post about BLM. Meri explained that she just wasn’t sure what to say about racism.

Christine Brown joined Meri around the same time. Initially, she posted about how she felt the world needed more love. Then, she followed up with a post about supporting the movement being easy. Christine explained other things in life were difficult. But, showing your support for black lives matter was not.

Janelle Brown has been the most vocal.

Janelle Brown has been the most vocal about George Floyd and the black lives matter movement. She was the only member of the Sister Wives core cast to participate in blackout Tuesday. She has shared several snaps on Instagram related to the movement. Noticeably, Janelle really hasn’t shared much personal as of late. She has mostly focused completely on sharing material related to the movement.


So, what has Kody said about the movement?

Kody really doesn’t post anything on Instagram. And, as we previously mentioned, his Twitter activity is limited. The Sister Wives star did retweet a short video clip on May 31st. The video clip featured a black man and a white man rocking “free hugs” t-shirts.

The men were standing in some sort of line. And, they were assumed to be strangers. They raced to each other. They embraced. Bonding over their similar shirts. It, however, wasn’t crystal clear if they were at a protest. Or, if the post had anything to do with the movement.

Unfortunately, Kody Brown has not posted much else on social media as of late. He doesn’t appear to have much to say about black lives matter.

So, does Kody not speaking out on Black Lives Matter surprise you?

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