Jinger Vuolo Rocks Shorts In New Photo, Talks Fitness

Jinger Vuolo Instagram (Duggar)

In a new social media post, Jinger Vuolo talks about working out. She shares a photo of herself in her workout attire. It appears that she’s in her home gym. She’s also watching a workout video on her phone.

In her post, Jinger talks about staying active. She writes, “I’ve been keeping myself active with some home workouts! Jer and I try to workout together, usually when Felicity’s down for her nap. It’s good motivation having a workout buddy to keep you going.”

In the past, Jinger has mentioned her workouts. She recommends doing workouts on YouTube, as there are a lot of free videos available. She also shares that she has been able to find pregnancy workouts on the platform. Fans ask her to share about the specific videos she’s been using, but she has yet to share those.

Duggar fans think it’s great that Jinger has found ways to stay healthy, even while staying at home in quarantine. Her followers agree with her that having a workout buddy is important. They also mention how naptime is the best time to get things, like workouts, done.


Jinger Vuolo’s followers like that she’s using her platform to promote health and wellness. With 1.3 million followers, she has the opportunity to promote healthy living in a lot of people.

Duggar fans applaud Jinger Vuolo for wearing shorts

In the photo, Jinger is wearing shorts. Fans are quick to notice this and point it out. Overall, they seem to be happy she’s doing her own thing, even if it means wearing shorts. Actually, few of the comments are about Jinger’s fitness, and many more of them focus on her shorts.

One of Jinger Vuolo’s followers cheers her on and says, “Thank for wearing proper work out clothes too! I always want to cringe watching your sisters work out in skirts. So uncomfortable & dangerous. You strike a good balance of sensibility & modesty!

Other comments on the post follow a similar tone. They are applauding her for wearing shorts, despite her family’s strict conservative values.

In the Duggar family, women are expected to wear skirts or dresses. But, since Jinger has been married to Jeremy, she has been branching out fashion-wise. She wears sleeveless tops, jeans, and other less modest clothing–at least by the Duggar family’s standards.

Despite Jinger Vuolo’s choice to wear pants and shorts, it doesn’t seem like she and her mom, Michelle Duggar, have any issues. On an episode of Counting On, the mother-daughter pair talks about this. Jinger explains, “My parents always raised us just to honor Christ in everything that we do. That’s where the Lord’s led me as of now.”

Then, Michelle adds, “It’s OK that my kids may have different convictions than me. I know that He’s leading them. And that’s the most important thing, is their walk, their relationship with God.”


So, what do you think of Jinger’s workout attire? Share your thoughts below.

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