Duggar: Joy Forsyth Documents 30-Week Baby Bump

Joy Duggar Forsyth Instagram

On Wednesday, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth took to Instagram to share a pregnancy update. In her post, she reveals that she’s now 30 weeks pregnant with her second child. Her post features a picture of herself in front of the mirror. She’s wearing a gray tee-shirt, a black skirt, and a hat. She’s cradling her growing baby bump and has a big smile on her face. In her post, she also mentions that she only has two months to go.

Of course, she’s getting lots of love from her nearly one million followers on Instagram. They’re gushing over her baby bump, and they are so excited for Joy and Austin Forsyth to welcome their baby to the world. The baby will join big brother Gideon, who’s two years old.

The Duggar couple says that they are not deciding on the baby’s name until she arrives. So, fans won’t get to find out until then either.


Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth expecting baby girl after loss

This baby is a rainbow baby. Rainbow baby is a term used for a baby born after a loss, such as a miscarriage. Sadly, in summer 2019, Joy and Austin lost a baby girl at 20 weeks gestation. This was a hard loss for them, but they worked through it together and were surrounded by their family, friends, and fans.

Three months ago, Joy and Austin made the big reveal that they are expecting again. They waited a little while to make the announcement this time around due to their previous loss. But, fortunately, everything is going well so far.

In a 21-week update from Joy, she says that she is “SO soooooo thankful she is growing and healthy!” In just a couple more months, this little one will join her family.

Joy and Austin won’t be on Counting OnĀ 

Joy’s family is returning to TLC for Season 11 of Counting On. Due to a slight schedule change, the new season will premiere on Tuesday, July 7. Originally, it was slated for Tuesday, June 30. Nonetheless, it’s only been pushed back by one week, so fans don’t have to wait long.

Unfortunately, not every family member is going to be on the show. This season, Joy and Austin won’t have their own storyline. Still, they will be a part of group settings, including holidays and other family gatherings. So, while they won’t play one of the main roles in the show like before, fans will still get to see them, along with most of the Duggar family.

So, what do you think of the new bump photo? Share your thoughts below.

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