TMZ Reports Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Tagged With Graffiti After Firings, But ‘VPR’ Stars Tagged It Last Week

VPR PUMP restaurant

Fact check! A report from TMZ posted June 10 implies vandals sent a message to Vanderpump Rules and Bravo with spray-paint. The usually on-the-nose outlet makes it seem as if the graffiti was in response to the mass firings that happened on June 9.

OG VPR Stars Fired For Racially Insensitive Behavior

Last week, VPR alum Faith Stowers revealed that Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute once called the police on her. Faith only found out about it because of Stassi joking about it on a podcast a few years ago.

As the story goes, Stassi and Kristen saw that the police were looking for a black woman they felt matched Faith’s description. The woman was accused of drugging and robbing various men.

At the time, Stassi and Kristen had just learned that Faith slept with their VPR co-star while he was dating Brittany Cartwright.

Stassi and Kristen also called the military and reported Faith as AWOL even though she wasn’t.

After a week of public outcry, Bravo took action.

Given the recent protests against police brutality, fans called for Bravo to fire Stassi and Kristen. The network finally did so on Tuesday, May 9. They also let two other cast members go for good measure.

Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens are the names of the other two VPR stars who lost their jobs with Bravo. Max and Brett’s old tweets with racial slurs resurfaced earlier this year.

Jax Taylor Helped Board Up PUMP Restaurant Ahead of L.A. Protests

Fans are calling for Bravo to fire VPR’s Jax Taylor next. However, he’s seemingly on Lisa’s good side. In fact, he did a good deed for her just last week.

Hours before the L.A. police brutality protests began, Jax and other SURvers put up boards around Lisa’s West Hollywood restaurants.

Lisa owns several eateries in Los Angeles, including SUR, where VPR is filmed. Next door to SUR is PUMP, another of Lisa’s restaurants.

Jax confirmed on Twitter that he was boarding up the restaurants after gossip spread about something going down at PUMP.

Graffiti At Least a Week Old, VPR Star’s Twitter Feed Shows

News of the VPR firings shocked the television industry. TMZ reported that PUMP was vandalized with graffiti, connecting it to the firings.

However, a search of Jax’s Twitter reveals that the graffiti on the boards is from a week ago. In fact, it seems that Jax and co. spray-painted various “Black Lives Matter” messages in SUPPORT of the protests happening later that day.

Jax shared a video of the graffiti on June 1. While Jax doesn’t take credit for the graffiti, he shows his support with the hashtag #wesupportyou.

Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules wraps up with part 3 of the reunion on June 16, 2020.

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