‘Young & Pregnant’ Star Rachel Beaver Starts YouTube Channel

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MTV’s Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Rachel Beaver now has a new way for her fans to keep updated on her life. The teenager recently started a YouTube channel! Despite being a brand new account, Rachel already has just shy of 1,000 subscribers.

Rachel Beaver uploads her first YouTube video

It was on her Instagram Stories that she revealed her new YouTube channel to her followers. The Instagram Story encouraged her followers to “swipe up” to check out her new video. She, however, was quick to remind them it was her first YouTube video. More over, it was just something she threw together. Rachel Beaver enjoyed the memories within the video. But, she didn’t think the video was of great quality.

Still, that didn’t stop Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant fans from rushing to the nearly 10 minute video to watch it. In less than 24 hours, the video has been viewed just shy of 1,000 times. In the comments, her fans were quick to thank her. They were so excited to get this window into her life. They were thrilled to see so many photos and video clips of her adorable daughter Hazelee Rae.

What was the first video about?

The first video Rachel Beaver posted on Instagram featured a summary of her family trip to the beach. A lot of the video featured clips of her daughter having a wonderful time playing on the beach. Toward the beginning of the beach, they tried setting up a tent. This was to keep Hazelee Rae out of the sun. And, it looked like it was an attempt to keep the baby corralled.

Hazelee Rae, however, was not interested in staying inside the tent on the beach. She wanted to explore. She very quickly figured out how to use her head to lift the tent wall up enough to crawl under it.

Another portion of the video shows Hazelee Rae rocking an adorable pink swimsuit as she sits in the sand. She has a bucket and several other toys. She wildly plays in the sand. Hazelee Rae was clearly having a wonderful time.

Rachel, who was recording, joked about how Hazelee Rae had broken every single toy she was playing with in the sand. Rachel, however, noted her daughter was having fun. And, that was all that matter to her.

Fans can also keep up with Rachel Beaver on Instagram

Rachel Beaver also has a very active Instagram. Between the posts on her wall and the posts on her Instagram Stories, she does an impressive job of keeping fans in the loop.


And, if that isn’t enough, fans can also follow her mother Steph Polo on Instagram.

Will there be a Season 3 of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant?

The cast of Young & Pregnant did what they could to gather fans on social media to push MTV for a third season of the show. Unfortunately, most assume Young & Pregnant is unlikely to return for a third season. Fortunately, we can keep up with these girls and their beautiful children via social media.

Here’s hoping it won’t be long before Rachel Beaver posts another video on YouTube!

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