Why Are ‘LPBW’ Fans So Unhappy With Amy Roloff?

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Little People, Big World fans are extremely unhappy with Amy Roloff at the moment. And, they are being VERY vocal about it on social media. What is it that has her loving fans in such a tizzy? Keep reading to find out.

The death of George Floyd

Across the United States, people have been up in arms since the death of George Floyd. Causing a movement, people want change. They want black lives to matter. They want police to stop treating individuals differently because of the color of their skin. It is time for individuals of color to stop fearing being killed during a routine traffic stop because they move the wrong direction or say the wrong thing.

As we’ve reported in a few pieces… Many celebrities have joined the movement. It is very much a d**ned if you do and d**ned if you don’t situation. The Chrisley Knows Best family, for example, has been catching a lot of heat regarding the movement.

Some celebrities (especially reality TV stars) opted not to join the black lives matter movement. They simply remained silent on the matter. Or, they stuck to posting personal things instead. Unfortunately for these celebs, this is something fans take great issue. Turns out, Amy Roloff is one of those celebs that has not posted much about BML. And, LPBW fans are not happy about it.

LPBW fans are extremely disappointed in Amy Roloff

Now, as LPBW fans know… The Roloff family does not make a habit of getting involved in politics. Fans know Jeremy’s wife Audrey is extremely religious. Her views have landed her in hot water. For example, the LGBTQ community has taken issue with some of her views in the past.

Both Audrey and her husband Jeremy, however, have posted in support of BLM. This included posting blackout photos on black out Tuesday.

Noticeably, Matt Roloff also hasn’t posted anything regarding Black Lives Matter. But, Caryn Chandler has.

Jacob Roloff has been the most vocal about it

Now, Jacob Roloff is the black sheep of the family. He wants nothing to do with Little People, Big World. He has condemned the show in the past as being largely untrue. But, he is still a Roloff. And, he’s been extremely vocal about the black lives movement on social media. Furthermore, it is worth noting Jacob has discussed racism and black lives matter on Instagram in the past.

Jacob is interested in donating to the cause, protesting, and he wants to defund the police.

As those who follow the black sheep of the family know… He never shies away from going against the conservative views of the other Roloffs.

“I, too, am embarrassed to be related to Trump voters,” he tweeted earlier this month.

Chances are pretty good he is not happy with Amy’s silence either.

Fans express their disappointment in Amy’s latest post

Now, Amy Roloff is normally all about love and peace. So, LPBW fans find her silence deafening and disappointing. Why hasn’t she commented on the Black Lives Matter movement more? Why didn’t she participate in black out Tuesday?

Possibly making things worse… Amy Roloff remains active on social media. She shared a post about her new summer fudge. And, her fans are not with it. They flooded the comments. Questioning why she didn’t use her platform to speak out. To join the movement. Did she not care?


Several of her fans noted their decision to unfollow her. They explained they could not follow an influencer who decided not to speak out.

  • “If you can’t put your fudge on hold for a hot minute and speak up, I’m not here for it.”
  • “I absolutely agree @amyjroloff this is not o.k. your children are even speaking up on this. I have always thought of you as a champion for acceptance if you can post about Memorial Day you can post about BLM.”
  • “SAD, silence is a statement.”

Will Amy Roloff respond to her upset fans?

While she did technically make a post about black lives matter just before posting her fudge, it appears to have been overlooked. Moreover, most took issue with her promoting her fudge right now at all. Her recent black lives matter post would have likely gotten a more positive response if she did not immediate follow it with something personal.


For now, we will have to wait and see if Amy Roloff posts anything else about the movement.


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