‘American Chopper: The Last Ride’ Special Reunites ‘Tense’ Junior And Senior

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In the new American Chopper special, Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. are working together on a very special bike, in the place where it all started. Can Junior and Senior build a bike together for the first time in over a decade? What do we know about the Discovery special during Motorcycle Mania?

American Chopper Is Back With The Last Ride

The Teutuls are back on Tuesday, June 9, with a two-hour special, American Chopper: The Last Ride. According to the Futon Critic, Junior and Senior find out that the original site for Orange County Choppers is being torn down.

Paul Jr. suggests that this is a great opportunity for them to build just one more bike before this shop is torn down. It took a little convincing. Soon, the Teutuls eventually headed over to the building that was filled with good memories. This was where their American Chopper dream started.

Bringing some humor and peace within the family is Mikey Teutul. He is back with a smiling face and affable personality.


Junior VS Senior Brings Tense Complications

Can the owners of Paul Jr. Designs and Orange County Choppers keep cool heads and make an incredible bike for an important customer? The customer is the largest distributor of exterior and interior building products wants something special from the creative Teutuls. Anyone who has seen the interaction between Junior and Senior knows that there will be complications. And, there will be plenty of tense moments.

Paul Jr. is one of the most creative and innovative designers out there. Senior is an experienced businessman, and he built up his bike business from nothing. Junior is the artist and creative genius. Senior wants to run a tight shop. As seen on American Chopper, he has never understood Junior’s artistic temperament.

As if being competitors was not enough, they are father and son, with a mercurial relationship. Senior fired Junior over 10 years ago, and the two have never really recovered since that. Junior did make a peaceful gesture and invited Senior to his wedding. But, the elder Teutul did not show up. For several years, Junior has tried to play peacemaker, with Senior not showing much interest in the sort of touchy-feely relationship that his son desires.

Can returning to where it all began a way to restoring their relationship?

When Does American Chopper: The Last Ride Air?

Discovery is airing American Chopper: The Last Ride on June 9 at 9 p.m. Eastern time. Motorcycle fans may want to catch old episodes on the Discovery Go app.

The big question fans may ask is whether this is the last American Chopper show ever. The title: The Last Ride seems pretty final. Discovery has not made any sort of announcement about an American Chopper Season 3. Perhaps they are using this two-hour special to determine if Discovery fans still want to see more of the Teutuls and some of the coolest cycles around.


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