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Amy King Reveals NDA With Duggar Family

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In an Instagram Live, Amy King reveals that she has a non-disclosure agreement regarding the Duggar family. Amy is Jim Bob Duggar’s niece. Fans might recall seeing Amy on several episodes of the family’s TLC shows over the years. While she isn’t a regular on the shows, she sometimes makes appearances. S0, some fans are familiar with her and follow her on social media.

Amy King goes live on Instagram

On Instagram, Amy went live. She and other celebrities sometimes do this and answer questions fans may have.

Per The Sun, one of Amy’s 405,000 followers commented, “Rescue Jana.” Duggar fans know that Jana, the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle, is 30 years old. But, despite many of her younger siblings tying the knot in their early 20s, Jana still lives at home. There’s speculation about Jana’s situation, but some believe that she’s unhappy at the “Big House” with her parents. Nonetheless, that’s what the comment is alluding to.

Amy reveals she has an NDA regarding Duggar family

In the live video, Amy briefly begins talking about Jana. But, Amy’s mom, Deanna, says, “You have an NDA!” To that, Amy says, “Stop! You’re going to get us in trouble!” Then, Deanna says, “No, I’m not!” Quickly, Amy moves on to another comment on her live video.

Over the years, Amy hasn’t shared a lot about her famous cousins. She certainly receives plenty of questions and comments about them. She previously said that she isn’t a Duggar though. So, it seems like she wants to break that association in a way. Nonetheless, it seems that Amy gets along well with her cousins. She and Jill Dillard seem to be close, and Amy even cheers on Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, as he’s exposing the Duggar family.

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I'm so glad we have each other. @deanna_duggar

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Duggar cousin was previously silenced

Amy was previously interviewed by Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball. Katie has also interviewed Derick Dillard. On her YouTube channel, Katie covers a variety of reality TV shows and stars. So, it only makes sense that she chats with Amy.

Katie talks about this, saying, “I had the chance to speak with Amy Duggar King. While this video was premiering, I received a message from Amy that someone wanted the video down. Someone. When I found out shortly after this video went live and while it was premiering that this video would need to come down, I was shocked. Nothing was said negatively at all about this family.”

So, the video is now private on the YouTube channel. Around the same time, Amy put out a tweet, saying that “a woman’s voice should never be silenced.”

So, it seems that there are a lot of rules put in place regarding Amy and the Duggar family. This doesn’t come as a big surprise to some fans, as they know that Jim Bob has a lot of control over the family. But, until now, fans didn’t have any confirmation of the NDA.

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