Justin Hartley In Full Arm Cast, When Did He Start Dating Sofia Pernas?

Justin Hartley, Sofia Pernas-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b86NKsZsQqo

This Is Us star Justin Hartley has been in the news a lot of late. Just a week ago, he was seen kissing his former Y&R co-star Sofia Pernas, outside of an orthopedic clinic. On Thursday, fans spotted Justin around the Los Angeles area. He had a full arm cast. What is going on with this fan fave?

Justin Hartley With Full Arm Cast

The big news on Thursday was that Justin Hartley is out and about in Los Angeles with his right am in a cast and that very arm in a huge sling. According to Hollywood Life, the weather is so good that the This Is Us star doesn’t even need to fuss with a shirt over all of the medical trappings.

Justin walked over to his mail box, wearing only red shorts. He not only skipped the t-shirt, but also the shoes. Hartley managed to retrieve his mail with just his left hand. As he has not spoken about this injury/surgery, fans don’t know how long he will need to do everything with one arm.

This Is Us Star Finds Love During Coronavirus Lockdown

Justin Hartley was seen last week at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute in the Los Angeles area. He was driven there by Sofia Pernas. He bent over to give her a kiss goodbye, before going into the medical facility.

When it was time to leave, Sofia was right back there, waiting for Justin to return in a wheelchair. Sofia gave him something to drink and the couple rode into the sunset.

Since then, inquiring fans have learned that Hartley and his former Young and the Restless co-star, Sofia Pernas, have been dating for a short while. As neither member  of the couple have shared anything about their relationship, we can assume that they met sometime after early December, 2019, after Hartley broke up with his wife Chrishell Stause, star of Selling Sunset. That is because Justin and Sofia are spending a lot of time at his home.

Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas are quite lucky to have met during this pandemic. Dating is pretty tough when you are social distancing.

Justin Hartley’s Ex-Wife Chrishell Stause Currently Not Dating

When speaking to Access, they asked Chrishell Stause if she was going to be doing some “zoom dating.” Chrishell could not contain herself. She was laughing so hard! She asked, “How would you even do that?”

Chrishell pointed out that she didn’t know a lot of the new ways of meeting, as she was not a part of it for “so long.” That is because she started dating Justin Hartley in 2014. In November 2019, Hartley blindsided her with divorce papers. Now, Chrishell Stause admits that she gets a little emotional seeing the Selling Sunset Season 3 preview scenes that show when she and Justin broke up.

Maybe she can look up an old co-star and social distance her way to a new relationship? Chrishell Stause is not someone who rushes into anything. She always told friends she would only get married one time.  This is why it took so long to agree to marry Justin Hartley. They dated three years before tying the knot. Two years after they married, he served her divorce papers.

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