Opinion: Bravo Made It Clear With Reunion Episode That They Have No Intention Of Firing ‘VPR’ Stars For Racist Tweets

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Given the current racial tensions in the country, Vanderpump Rules fans are wondering what the future holds for Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni continuing on the show. 

If you’re new to VPR or quit early this season, Max and Brett are new members of the Bravo show. Hours after the Season 8 premiered back in January, racist tweets posted by Max and Brett resurfaced online

The tweets were from around 2012 or so. 

Vanderpump Rules Addresses Racial Tweets During Reunion

During part one of the VPR reunion, the racist tweets came up. Not by host Andy Cohen but by Jax Taylor. 

Jax and Tom Sandoval were involved in a testy exchange over the OTHER VPR scandal involving homophobic tweets. In a typical deflection, Jax brought up Sandoval not firing Max from his management position at TomTom. 

At this point, host Andy Cohen broke in to “put a pin” in the homophobic tweets discussion to address the racist tweets. 

The original pastor for Jax and Brittany Cartwright’s wedding posted homophobic content on social media. Lisa Vanderpump, SUR and the VPR cast make a big showing of their L.A. Pride Parade appearance each year. 

Sandoval called Jax and Brittany out for not firing the pastor IMMEDIATELY. Rather, they waited until Lisa brought the posts up to them.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Lame Explanation For Not Firing Max and Brett

Sandoval is actually part owner of the TomTom bar where Max works. He owns a very small part. Lisa jumped to his defense and informed Jax that Sandoval’s 5% doesn’t give him the right to fire anyone. 

However, she certainly has that power. She fired Kristen Doute from a SURver job back in Season 3. Lisa has certainly threatened to fire Jax several times. 

According to Lisa, the racist tweets were a mistake made when Max and Brett were younger. She claims she’s never seen any indication of racist behavior. 

People reports that Lisa joked that if she fired everyone who made a mistake, VPR would have no cast. 

So Lisa won’t fire Max or Brett from her restaurants. 

Given that a large part of the reunion focused on Max and Dayna’s relationship and break-up, it’s unlikely that Bravo will fire them either. 

Let’s take a moment to note that the reunion aired on the same day that many television networks observed #BlackoutTuesday in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

In fact, Bravo posted on their Facebook page that they “stand in solidarity” against racism. 

Fans On Twitter Proclaim #VanderpumpIsDone After Lack of Action

VPR fans were not having Lisa’s lackluster excuse for not firing Max and Brett. Several fans tweeted that they won’t be watching another season if the two aren’t fired.

Fans started tweeting under the hashtag #VanderpumpIsDone to encourage Bravo to cancel the show entirely. 

Another fan wrote that Max and Brett should have been fired “the moment those tweets were uncovered.” 

While Bravo likes to present itself as an ally, it’s not just VPR that has come under fire for racist cast members. Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis was caught sending monkey emojis during an argument with a fan. 

Kathryn claims she “didn’t know” the emoji is racist. As of right now, she still has a job with Bravo. 

Networks and other media outlets have been posting their support for BLM with the quote, “to be silent is to be complicit.” 

Bravo is being complicit by condoning racist and homophobic behavior by their so-called Bravolebrities. 

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