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‘VPR’ Fans: Looks Like Katie Maloney Was Right About Insensitive Police Prank

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If you’re a Vanderpump Rules fan, you’ve likely seen some sketchy things go down on the show. Jax Taylor ripping his cable knit sweater off to fight Frank Herlihy in Vegas. Hooking up with his best friend’s girl. Stealing sunglasses while on vacation in Hawaii..

Jax’s misdeeds could fill a book. However, one of the most insensitive things viewers saw on Season 8 had little to do with Jax. Sure, he was involved, but he wasn’t the mastermind. 

We’re talking about the “prank” to have Tom Sandoval arrested for vandalism. 

What Did Sandoval ‘Vandalize’? 

During filming of Season 8, Jax turned 40. VPR never met an occasion that didn’t require a party. While Sandoval and Jax’s friendship was on shaky ground, Sandoval still wanted to give his friend the gift of a prank. 

The two Toms – Sandoval and Tom Schwartz – TP’ed Jax’s new house for his 40th birthday. Jax wanted payback, but he didn’t come up with the plan himself. 

Lala Kent’s fiancé, Randall Emmett, decided payback would be his gift to Jax. So, he hired some actors to play cops to arrest Sandoval for “vandalism.” Most of the rest of the cast got a huge kick out of the retaliatory prank. 

Except Katie Maloney. 

Katie Maloney Slammed Tone-Deaf VPR Prank

VPR’s Katie Maloney did NOT find the prank funny. At all. She called out everyone involved, especially her husband, Tom Schwartz. She felt that the prank showed the white privilege of not having to fear being arrested. 

The prank was filmed in the summer of 2019.

Ariana Madix was the only one who felt the prank was insensitive. The rest of the cast found it hilarious. In fact, Schwartz went off on his wife for being a “social justice warrior.” He also insulted her intelligence and said he wasn’t attracted to her because she was “obnoxious.”

Needless to say, Schwartz ended up in the dog house with his wife AND with fans. He publicly apologized several times for how he treated her. However, at no time did he admit that the prank was in bad taste. 

VPR Star Condemns Racism, Fans Thank Her For Standing Up Against Insensitive Prank

In light of George Floyd’s death while in police custody, many celebrities are speaking out on social media about racial injustices. Katie is one of several VPR stars posting regularly about the protests that are happening in the country.

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James Kennedy and Lala Kent attended L.A. protests over the weekend. 

On each of Katie’s numerous posts, fans comment about the prank that aired on VPR. And many of the comments basically say, “Katie told you so!”

Some of the many comments include: 

“And to think some didn’t understand where you were coming from during the tasteless prank.”

  • “Can’t stop thinking about when you didn’t agree with the police prank this season.”
  • “I hope people now get why you hated the police prank.” 
  • “I hope everyone who said you were overreacting about that police prank is apologizing to you.” 
  • “We Stan a queen.” 
VPR Katie Maloney Instagram Comment Screenshots
VPR Katie Maloney Instagram Comment Screenshot

The Season 8 Vanderpump Rules reunion starts tonight, June 2, on Bravo. The cast will likely discuss the prank at some point. However, the reunion was filmed a few weeks ago, making it unlikely the current events will be brought up. 

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