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‘BIP’: Dean Unglert Defends Himself After Blackout Tuesday Post On Instagram

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BIP star, Dean Unglert took to his Instagram and did what so many other celebs do. He shared a black square. Actually, social media feeds are jam-packed to the hilt with those black squares. So, it’s not clear why Dean took a bit of heat for it. Perhaps critics expressed issues because they follow Dean for his outdoor adventures rather than his feelings about the death of George Floyd or equality. The Bachelor in Paradise star defended himself and loyal fans agreed he at least added something meaningful to his post.

BIP – Dean Unglert shares a black square like many others – takes a bit of heat

If you struggle to find interesting personal information about your favorite Bachelor star, you’re not alone. In fact, innumerable celebrities all shared a simple black square on social media. Those fans who follow Dean Unglert love seeing his photos and videos of his travel adventures. Or, they go there for some food for the soul, hoping for a glimpse of Pappy, his rescue dog. The last time Dean posted came five days ago. So fans flocked to his page when they saw new activity. Many of them expressed disappointment when they just found another black square.

The square trend comes in support of #BlackoutTuesday. Originating with a couple of musicians, the idea is that sharing it means everything that normally trends for a bit, pauses. Revolving around inequality and racism, the recent death of George Floyd ideally suits the hashtag. The BIP star posted up his black square in support of that sentiment, like millions of other people. Perhaps he felt a bit surprised as some fans complained about it.

Dean gets called out for not urging a call to action in his caption

When Bachelor in Paradise star, Dean shared his post in support of #BlackoutTuesday, he captioned it with “amplify Black voices.” That’s part of the whole theme. But, Tianna Mañon, a publicist in Rochester, said, “This movement can be powerful as long as we execute it correctly.” Rochester First spoke to her. She explained why people might hold issues with white celebrities who post and forget the black square.

“I think white people tend to gravitate towards this hashtag because it is easy. You can show you’re an ally, you can show ‘hey I’m messing up my IG aesthetic by posting this black image,’ but you also kind of wash your hands and finish for the day,” she said. BIP star Dean could have done more if you follow Tianna’s reasoning. She suggested that a useful caption with the photo went a long way. Plus, she suggested tagging or linking to Black literature or Black businesses.

Some fans complain about Dean Unglert’s black square post

Many fans liked Dean’s post, but in the comments, people grew divided about it. More than one person noted that his caption didn’t call for action in a specific way. One fan noted, “Prob best NOT to post a black square today.” They noticed the “intention of the square” got a missed point. The fan added they understood that white celebs like Dean harbor good “intentions.” But, she noted that just sharing a straight black square simply clogs up social media instead of  putting out “valuable info.”

The BIP star replied, saying, “yes, that is why i tagged 5 strong Black voices.” But others complained they only saw that after they clicked the post. While some fans felt any criticism of Dean for supporting equality seemed wrong, others agreed a specific call to action better represented the trend.

What do you think? Should Dean Unglert rather use a distinctive call to action? Or does it matter, as long as he shares the trend? Sound off in the comments below.

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