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Rachel Lindsay Doesn’t Believe Hannah Brown Will Learn From Her N-Word Controversy

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Rachel Lindsay doesn’t think that Hannah Brown will change. She found her apology “insincere” after her N-word controversy. The Bachelorette alum came under fire after saying the N-word during an Instagram Live video. That is not something you can run and hide from.

At first, Hannah didn’t take it seriously, further angering Bachelor Nation. Then she released a written statement and promised that she would “do better.” However, Rachel Lindsay doesn’t feel that Hannah will grow from this. The Bachelorette Season 13 star dished on the N-word on the latest episode of her Higher Learning With Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay podcast.

Rachel Lindsay doesn’t think Hannah Brown will change

During the podcast, Rachel Lindsay feels “empowered by an audience” who supports her on a regular basis. But she also knows that these fans can be “intense,” per E! Online. She feels that Hannah Brown’s “going to go right back to doing what she was doing before.” The law attorney  hasn’t spoken to the Alabama native since their previous discussion about the controversy.

“She needs to refer to her team,” Rachel said, “because that’s what she’s done from here on out.”

Earlier this month, fans slammed Hannah when she posted a video of herself singing to DaBaby’s Rockstar. In the video, she said the N-word. At first, Hannah claimed that she didn’t say the word, but she later followed up with an apology.

“I owe you all a major apology. There is no excuse and I will not justify what I said,” she wrote in a statement that was posted to her Instagram Stories. ” I have read your messages and seen the hurt I have caused. I own it all.”

Hannah also said that she will “promise” to “do better.” So far, that hasn’t happened as yet. Some Bachelor and Bachelorette alums thought her apology wasn’t genuine.

In an Instagram Live video, Rachel claimed she spoke out to Hannah before her apology. She told the Season 15 star how she felt and encouraged her to use her “platform to correct that mistake.” Hannah told Rachel that she was going to apologize in an Instagram Live video but retract her decision and issued a written statement.

Fellow Bachelorette expresses disappointment with Alabama Hannah

During an interview on The Viall Files, Rachel Lindsay claimed that Hannah Brown wanted to originally apologize on camera so her followers could “understand where she was coming from.” She also revealed she had “multiple conversations” with the model, which included a mix of direct messages, phone calls, and text messages.

Rachel also claims that the Dancing with the Stars champion wanted her advice. So, she was hoping that Hannah would change and grow from this.

“The reason it disappointed me so much that Hannah decided to give a statement is because, [to] quote her words, ‘A statement would be insincere.’ Hannah said that ‘it felt icky to give a statement.'”

The former Bachelorette feels that Hannah’s PR team was advising her how to issue an apology. The social media backlash was abrupt. Several other Bachelor Nation alums spoke out against Hannah, including Bekah Martinez, Mike Johnson, and Tyler Cameron.

Do you agree with Rachel Lindsay that Hannah Brown won’t change from this experience? Sound off below in the comments section.

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