Tom Ellis Signs On For ‘Lucifer’ Season 6 After Weeks Of Uncertainty

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Lucifer Season 6 seems possible once again, now that Tom Ellis has finally signed that all-important contract. Although Netflix has not announced another season, the devilish star is on board and ready for more. What is the latest news?

Tom Ellis Signs Lucifer Season 6 Contract

On Friday, TV Line reported that Tom Ellis has signed a contract to continue his role as Lucifer Morningstar into Season 6. A couple of months ago, there were reports that he had signed a contract, but back in mid-April, it appeared that Tom Ellis wanted a lot more.

According to TV Shows Ace, Ellis and Warner Bros. were clashing over terms of the contract. Warner felt they were giving the actor everything on a silver platter, but he still wanted more. It has been over a month since this report. Many Lucifans gave up any hope for a bonus sixth season. So, this news is fantastic.

The other cast members are already signed through Season 6. Two months ago, both showrunners, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson signed contracts for Season 6. But, the big question is whether they managed to finish out Season 5 with a cliffhanger for Season 6 to resolve. How have they changed the script? Was there enough time to change the script? Most of all, will Season 5 end with Lucifer and Chloe in a happily ever after scenario?

What Should Fans Expect In Lucifer Season 6?

What do we know about Lucifer Season 6? There have been a few tidbits about the basics. TV Shows Ace has previously reported that a bonus sixth season would be 10-13 episodes. Before the studios closed due to Covid-19, they planned on filming the sixth season in September. As Lucifer has yet to finish filming Season 5, they will need to finish that final episode before any work is started on Season 6.

Fans are a bit antsy about how they plan to make this all work. When Netflix renewed Season 5, they also announced it was the final season. It was not until February that fans learned that Netflix changed their mind. TV Shows Ace reported that the streaming network had second thoughts and wanted another season.

First of all, Lucifer Season 5 has not yet been released. There are 16 episodes. They are dividing those into two-eight episode blocks. Netflix has not yet shared when they plan to premiere the fifth season. Fans hoped that the series would return in May. Right now, Lucifer is not on Netflix’s June schedule. There were post-production delays due to Covid-19.

There has been very little revealed about the actual season. Although fans already know that there is more than one musical episode, there is not a lot of information shared. Showrunner Ildy Modrovich has shared that the Season 5 episodes will be supersized. This means each episode is somewhere between 50 and 60 minutes long.

Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for all Lucifer news. Netflix should soon announce when the first half of Lucifer Season 5 will premiere.

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