Savannah Chrisley’s Post About ‘Sister’ Chloe Leaves Fans Confused

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Savannah Chrisley joins her father Todd in doting on “sister” Chloe. The blonde bombshell took to Instagram about a little over 12 hours ago to share a similar beautiful beach snap to the one her father recently shared. The photo features Chloe Chrisley rocking an adorable navy blue bikini suit while standing on a white sandy beach. Unlike the photo Todd shared, this one features Chloe smiling while looking directly at the camera.

Savannah Chrisley appreciates her ‘sister’ Chloe being in her life.

The reality TV star is in awe of Chloe. “This little girl…WOW…she has taught me more than she will ever know! I will forever fight for my Coco…So blessed that God chose me to be her ‘sister,’” Chrisley penned on her Instagram post. She chased the caption with a red heart emoji.

By blood, Savannah is technically Chloe’s aunt. This is because her brother Kyle is Chloe’s biological father. This also makes Todd and Julie Chloe’s biological grandparents. This, however, isn’t the structure the family recognizes. Nor is it the structure Chloe recognizes. And, that is really why Savannah opted to put the word “sister” in quotes.

Unfortunately for Savannah, her massive Instagram followers fixated on the word “sister”. They had a hard time looking past the word to see what a beautiful post it was.

Fans obsess over the sister vs aunt relationship between Savannah and Chloe

As we’ve previously reported, fans take serious issue with Todd and Julie allowing Chloe to call them mom and dad. Turns out, they don’t like Chloe referring to Savannah as her sister either. While this is not how every Chrisley Knows Best fan feels… Many seem to think it is going to confuse Chloe as she grows up.

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Those who support the family and don’t see the issue, however, are quick to defend. They note that Chloe clearly understands the family dynamics. She, however, has the freedom to address her family members how she feels comfortable. More over, Todd and Kyle have also cleared up that even Kyle has no issues with Chloe referring to Todd and Julie as mom and dad.

Here’s what other fans had to say about it:

  • “I thought she was your niece?”
  • “Who is Coco?”
  • “Not her auntie?”
  • “Shes your niece what a cutie.”
  • “She adorable!! all this time I thought she was your niece.”

Followers and fans of the Chrisley family were quick to respond to each of these comments. They noted that because Julie and Todd have custody of Chloe that makes her their child. So, that would also make Savannah her sister.

Regardless of how you look at it, both sides of this argument are technically true. Fortunately, the Chrisley family doesn’t seem to mind the trolls.

Do you consider Savannah to be Chloe’s aunt, sister, or both? Tell us about it in the comments!

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