Could Shondaland’s ‘Bridgerton’ Be Delayed Due To Covid-19?

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Could Shondaland’s highly anticipated Regency series, Bridgerton, be delayed due to the coronavirus? According to Julia Quinn, the author of the bestselling series, this sounds like a possibility. What do we know now?

Could Shondaland’s Bridgerton Be Delayed?

Julia Quinn recently spoke to Maureen Lenker of EW about the new series Bridgerton, which is based on her romance series. Lenker asked the New York Times bestselling author if she knew if the Netflix series was delayed, due to Covid-19, like other series like Lucifer.

Quinn assured Lenker that they are right on schedule. They wrapped filming in February. Julia points out that if they had not finished filming before the studios closed due to the worldwide pandemic, they would be in trouble. Instead, she shared that “everything is going well now.”

When Will Bridgerton Premiere?

Has Shondaland or Netflix revealed to Julia when Bridgerton will premiere? Quinn says no. Maureen Lenker seemed to ask Julia when in the fall fans should expect the highly anticipated series. Julia pointed out that the fall ends on December 21.

Perhaps Julia Quinn has heard of a Shondaland target date? Maybe she heard that it will drop right before Christmas? We do not know, but the author’s comment on fall’s end date could be a significant clue.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the series has already been renewed for Season 2.

What Should Fans Expect From Shondaland Series?

What should Bridgerton fans expect from the series? The Netflix series takes place during the Regency era, in England. While this is not a “word for word” adaptation, but the heart of the first season is around the first book, The Duke and I. But, there are more stories told.

Quinn says that although she cannot share exact details, but she reveals that how they chose to structure the series was brilliant, something she never would have thought of. She points out that taking a book and turning into a television series is far different from turning it into a movie.

As TV Shows Ace has previously shared, Quinn has been to the set. She has also shared that fans are going to want to watch the series twice. The first time is for the overall story. The second time is for the incredible costumes.

Bridgerton Cast

Julia Quinn admitted to Maureen Lenker that she is not a “visual author.” She explained that prior to the Shondaland production, she had not really imagined what the characters would look like. Now that she met the casting director and saw the actors in their roles, she now only imagines them as the stars.

She even asked Luke Newton for a baby photo. This is because in her most recent book, First Comes Marriage, is a Bridgerton prequel. In this book, the three oldest Bridgertons are small children. Now, Julia Quinn only sees the Shondaland actors as her characters, and she wanted an accurate baby description for baby Colin Bridgerton.

Are you getting excited for the Bridgerton series? Are you rereading the series to get ready for the series? Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Bridgerton news. It looks like Netflix will drop Bridgerton sometime in the fall 2020.

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