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Duggar: Jill Dillard Shows Off ‘Hippie Chick’ Style

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On social media, Jill Duggar Dillard has been showing off her new clothing and accessories. In several stories and posts, she talks about Natural Life. In one of her stories, she films herself unboxing a huge package from the company. They sell clothing, accessories, and more. And, from what Jill is saying about the company, it sounds like she’s a huge fan. Since receiving her order, she’s posted several times about what she received.

From Jill’s posts, it looks like she received a good selection of items. She shows off her new headbands and wraps. She also received a couple of rompers and jumpsuits. In one photo, she’s wearing a t-shirt with a floral print on the front. After a Duggar fan asked her where she got it, she revealed that it’s from the same company.

Jill Duggar Dillard calls herself a “hippie chick”

On one of her photos, Duggar cousin Amy King commented. From her boutique’s Instagram page, Amy calls Jill “Gorgeous!” In response, Jill writes, “Your hippie chick cousin ❤️.”

Nearly 100 of Jill’s followers liked the comment where Jill calls herself a “hippie chick.” So, maybe they like the new look Jill is going for.

Does Jill have a partnership with Natural Life?

Along with sharing photos of what she’s wearing, she’s happily sharing her promo code. In the comments sections of her posts, her followers ask her where she gets her headbands. They did give a promo code to share, which she is distributing in the comments sections of her posts. If a fan wants to know about her clothing or accessories, she tells them about Natural Life and gives them a promo code to use.

The promo code includes her name too. This makes fans think that Jill has some type of partnership with Natural Life. She might receive a commission for every order that comes in using her promo code. It’s unclear if she officially has a partnership with Natural Life though. She might just like their products so they decided to send some to her. Or she might have bought them herself, but she did receive a pretty large haul.

While the Duggar daughter might be partnering with Natural Life, she isn’t explicitly stating that she is. Typically, when influencers and other social media users work with brands, they will add “#ad” or “#sponsored” to their posts. Jill has yet to do this though.

So, what do you think of Jill’s new “hippie chick” style? Do you like the new clothes and headbands on her? Leave a comment below.

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