Chrisley Fans Gush Over How Much Chloe Has Grown

Chloe Chrisley Instagram

Four days ago, Todd Chrisley shared a stunning photo of his granddaughter Chloe on Instagram.

Chloe Chrisley looked so grown up as she stood on the white sandy beach.

In the photo, Chloe rocked a stylish two-piece navy blue bikini suit with what looked like a white whale print pattern on both the top and bottom. Chloe’s frilly hair blew in the window as she appeared to be looking off into the distance at something.

The photo was absolutely beautiful with the green-ish blue waves crashing on the white sandy beach behind Chloe. In the distance, Chrisley Knows Best fans could see where the horizon of the clear blue sky met with the water. Chloe’s feet were dusty with a layer of the white sand. Suggesting she and her family had been enjoying the beach for a while. It, however, did not look like she had gone for a dip in the water just yet.

There was a green bucket filled with sand at her feet. She also had a red plastic cup in her hand. Her fingers were also covered in a dusty layer of white sand.

Todd Chrisley attached a very heartwarming caption to this beautiful photo.

Grandpa Chrisley (who Chloe tends to refer to as her father), beamed with joy and appreciation in the caption of this photo. Todd is clearly a man who cherishes every moment he has with Chloe.

“She’s always looking for the pearl, the world is your oyster sweet girl,” Todd penned in the caption of the beautiful photo.

As we reported a while back Todd and Julie Chrisley have custody of Chloe. Their son Kyle needed to work on his own mental health. And, he knew he couldn’t be the father Chloe needed while doing so. Todd and Julie Chrisley did what any other loving grandparents would do. They took Chloe in and raised her as their own.

Now, Todd and Julie have caught some heat for the way they are raising Chloe. Some Chrisley Knows Best fans insist Todd and Julie are confusing their granddaughter. These fans believe they need to correct Chloe in referring to them as grandma and grandpa. Todd, however, has shut down this topic of conversation in the past. Moreover, he revealed that Kyle had no issues with his daughter referring to Todd and Julie as her mother and father.

Fans had a lot to say about the beautiful photo of Chloe.

Chrisley Knows Best fans are eagerly awaiting the new season of the series to drop. They can’t wait to enjoy watching their favorite reality TV series once more. So, they always appreciate when the family drops a photo or video onto Instagram. Unsurprisingly, they truly appreciated getting an updated look at how much Chloe had grown since the last time they saw her.

Many were overwhelmed by how much she had grown since the last time they saw photos or videos featuring her. Here’s some of what fans had to say about the adorable photo:

  • “Omg, Todd, she has grown so much! Can’t wait to see the new season, we’ve missed y’all!”
  • “Did she grow like 6 inches taller during quarantine??”
  • “Omg Miss Chloe you are growing into becoming such an exquisite lovely girl. Keep that head UP and SHINE!!!”
  • “Watching old episodes of the show….didn’t realize how much she’s growing up! She’s beautiful!”

There were a few comments asking where Chloe’s parents were. Todd did not respond to these comments. Some fans were quick to clarify that Todd and Julie had assumed the role of her parents for now. Others insisted it wasn’t anyone’s business where Chloe’s birth mother and father were.

So, does how much Chloe has grown surprise you? Sound off in the comments down below!

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