‘Teen Mom OG’: Mackenzie McKee Broken After Josh Cheated With Her Cousin

Teen Mom OG Mackenzie Mckee and Josh

Teen Mom OG fans knew something seemed off with Mackenzie McKee and Josh. Well, they suspected that for a long time as the couple experienced an on-again, off-again relationship for ages. Furious fans slammed him as he wouldn’t support Mackenzie when she suffered suicidal thoughts after her mom passed away. And now, reportedly, Josh cheated on Mackenzie. Worse, he cheated on her with her own cousin.

Teen Mom OG fans slammed Josh for his bad behavior with Mackenzie Mckee

TV Shows Ace reported that exasperated fans felt so bad for Mackenzie. On the MTV show, they saw that Mackenzie struggles with her mom, Angie’s death. In fact, she sometimes thinks suicidal thoughts. But, Josh seemed to not take her seriously. Several times, she tried talking about it. But, he just “walked away.” He pointed out that she’s a mom and can’t kill herself. Well, she said that she thinks about it. But, won’t do it. However, we also noted that people who talk about suicide should be “taken seriously.”

Fans slammed Josh on social media as he seemed so uncaring. But, some fans of Teen Mom OG also advised Mackenzie to get out of the relationship. Many fans tell their favorites in the show what decisions they should make. While it’s unlikely Mackenzie took much notice of them… She revealed Josh let her down again. And this time, it looks like things between the couple ended once and for all.

Josh cheats on Mackenzie with her cousin

The Ashey’s Reality Roundup reported about Josh cheating. According to the outlet, they obtained their information from a Facebook post. But, later, Mackenzie deleted it. In that post, Mackenzie noted that Josh cheated on her with her cousin. Understandably, she and the cousin no longer remain friendly. The outlet noted that Mackenzie no longer follows her cousin on Instagram, but Josh does. Mackenzie said that she feels pretty broken now, as Josh knows she just watched her mom die.

Naturally, the Teen Mom OG star feels devastated as he professed he got saved by Jesus and became  “a born-again Christian.” For a while, she and her mom felt so happy about that. It seemed he turned over a new leaf after his previous indiscretions. But for Mackenzie this time, enough is enough and she who vowed that it’s all over. Later, she shared the truth of it all in an article via her  Instagram Stories.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee post
Mackenzie McKee – Instagram via The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

The outlet also reported that so far, Josh made no comment on the allegations of cheating with MacKenzie’s cousin. For the Teen Mom OG star, it seems almost too much trauma now. With her mom gone, the family broken up, and the kids upset, it seems she’s in a bad place all over again.

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If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741. Readers outside the U.S., can visit Suicide.org or Befrienders Worldwide for international resources.

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