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Joy Duggar Shares Sweet Photo Of Gideon Snuggling Her Baby Bump

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In a new social media post Tuesday, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth shares a sweet photo of her son Gideon. In the picture, two-year-old Gideon is cuddled up against her growing baby bump. She reveals that it’s Gideon’s nap time, which is why he’s so snuggly. She writes, “Apparently my bump makes a pretty good pillow!

Duggar fans are gushing over the precious photo. They think that Gideon is so sweet and they love that he’s already bonding with his baby sister. One fan thinks this is a sign that Gideon will be a good big brother.

Duggar fans think Gideon is a cute little guy. In the pictures and videos Joy shares of him, he’s always laughing or smiling. Fans look forward to seeing more photos of him, so they were excited to see the latest one. And, once again, this picture shows just how sweet he is.

Joy Duggar’s pregnancy

Joy is currently about 27 weeks pregnant with her second child. In March, she and her husband, Austin Forsyth, announced that they are expecting a baby. At that time, they also revealed that they are expecting a baby girl. Joy recently gave a pregnancy update, when she was 25 weeks along. She says that they aren’t choosing a name for their little one until she arrives this summer. Joy adds, “She is already our little princess!

So far, things seem to be going well for Joy and Austin with their baby on the way. They did have a minor scare at the beginning of Joy’s pregnancy. This is because the doctor thought Joy might have a molar pregnancy. But everything turned out well. Austin seems to be thrilled about getting to raise a baby girl.

Joy previously lost a baby

Sadly, in summer 2019, Joy lost a baby at 20 weeks gestation. When she went to find out the baby’s gender, the baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be found. They named the baby Annabell Elise. This was a hard loss for the Duggar family. While they worked through the difficult time, Joy’s social media followers offered plenty of love and support.

Now, fans are overjoyed that Joy and Austin get to welcome their rainbow baby in just a few more months. A rainbow baby is a baby that’s born after a loss. Fans celebrate every milestone with Joy and they are looking forward to more updates throughout the rest of her pregnancy.

So, what do you think of the adorable picture? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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