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Jinger Vuolo Explains Why She Removed Giveaway Post

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Jinger Vuolo recently got some heat over a giveaway post. Shortly after, the post was taken down. Now, she’s offering an explanation for the whole situation.

As reported by Monsters & Critics, Jinger shared a giveaway post on Instagram. In a video, she talks about the giveaway. The giveaway was for a cash prize. To enter, Jinger’s followers were asked to follow a handful of other Instagram accounts. And, as it turns out, this is a pretty popular type of giveaway. Other reality TV stars and celebrities host giveaways like these often.

But, Jinger received some backlash over that new post. In the comments section, her followers called her out for sending them to follow people who aren’t posting appropriate content. Eventually, due to all of this backlash, Jinger took the post down. It seems like her followers know why she decided to take it down, but she didn’t explain herself until a day later.

Jinger Vuolo explains the giveaway, why she removed the post

On Instagram Monday, Jinger shared a new photo, which has nothing to do with the giveaway. In the post, she includes a picture of herself and Jeremy reading the bible together. In her caption, she talks about how grateful she is for Jeremy and says, “I always prayed for a husband who loved God more than anything, because that would be a man who would know how to truly love me.

Because this is Jinger’s first post since the giveaway video and the backlash that came along with that, her followers took this as an opportunity to ask about the giveaway. One user says, “What happened to the $8000 give away? I guess it was just a scam. SHAME ON YOU!!!. And you come and talk about religion? Bull Crap!!!

Fortunately, plenty of Jinger Vuolo’s followers are responding to that comment and urging the follower to be nice or to unfollow Jinger. Eventually, Jinger decided to respond to the comment herself.

She writes, “Appreciate your concern! We did not review the post before it went live and are no longer in that partnership. Thank you for supporting me! I am looking with @jeremy_vuolo at a few different options to give back and do possibly another giveaway that doesn’t require you to follow all those accounts.”

In Jinger’s comment, she also includes plenty of emojis to keep things light and positive. Many of her fans appreciate her response and think she replied to the harsh comment with “grace.”

So, what do you think of Jinger’s response to the backlash? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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