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Betty White Will Be Whipping Santa ‘Into Shape’ In Lifetime Christmas Movie


Summer may be approaching, but Christmas movie fans are already anticipating the holiday movie season. Lifetime has announced that Betty White will be starring in a new Lifetime Christmas movie. This is part of the 2020 “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” Christmas movie extravaganza. What do we already know about this crazy fun treat?

Betty White Is Starring In Lifetime Christmas Movie

What will make the 2020 Christmas season a lot brighter? How about Betty White starring in a Lifetime Christmas movie? According to ET, White will star in her first Lifetime Christmas movie. Subsequently, they have not revealed the title. Yet, we do know that Betty will be “spreading the true meaning of Christmas.” She will be “whipping would-be Santas into shape.” Everyone around her wonders if perhaps she may be Santa’s endearing spouse. A little mystery there?

The 98-year-old White should bring a little devilish humor into the holiday season. An animal advocate, it may be fun to see if she has any furry helpers to get those toys to good little girls and boys.

More About 2020 Lifetime Christmas Movies

Besides the new Betty White Lifetime Christmas movie, will there be other movies to look forward to? Lifetime has halted all movie production due to safety issues related to the coronavirus. Yet, they already have several movies ready. This includes Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding. This is the sequel to Merry Liddle Christmas starring Kelly Rowland.

Holiday In Handcuffs co-stars Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart are reunited in Feliz NaviDad. Except, this time, Lopez will be in front of the camera, playing a single dad. Hart will be directing.

Currently, Lifetime is in a variety of stages with other Christmas movies. Some experts predict that Hollywood should resume filming sometime in the late summer/early fall. Moreover, “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” Christmas movies will start airing on October 25, 2020. Most importantly, Lifetime gets the job done very quickly, filming a movie within three weeks.

Christmas Movies Are Airing Everywhere

By already announcing that beloved actress Betty White will be starring in a new movie, Lifetime has made it clear that they are prepared for a fabulous Christmas movie season. For years, Hallmark has been the main source of Christmas movies. In the 2019 Countdown to Christmas, they aired 40 movies. After that, during the recent quarantine, TV Shows Ace reported that Hallmark brought out some recent favorites in their We Need A Little Christmas Movie Marathon.

Above all, Christmas movies give fans a lot of comfort and joy. Meanwhile, TV Shows Ace has reported, the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries air one Christmas movie each week. Subsequently, the regular Hallmark Channel airs on Friday nights, while the Movies & Mysteries channel airs them on Thursday evenings.

But Lifetime and Hallmark are not the only channels to air Christmas movies. Netflix has upped their Christmas offerings. TV Shows Ace featured Vanessa Hudgens in the time-travel romcom, The Knight Before Christmas.

Are you looking forward to seeing Betty White in a Lifetime Christmas movie? Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for all Christmas movie news.

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