‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Puts Jackson Through A Temptation Test In New Video

LPBW Jackson Roloff

LPBW fans see more of Jackson on the TLC show these days. Now three-years-old, he’s a real little boy and no longer a toddler. He’s got big puppy eyes and he’s not afraid to use them. But, they don’t always work on mom. Tori Roloff put him thr0ugh a temptation test and watching his face revealed the strength of character of the cute little guy. But why did Tori do it, and what does the outcome signify?

LPBW – Tori Roloff’s temptation test for Jackson

On her Instagram page this weekend, Tori shared a video of Jackson. She put out some candy and he reached for them eagerly. But, she told him he needed to wait until she got back from the bathroom. His smile faded, but he sat down and stared with his concentration on the candy. While Tori stepped away for a while, he didn’t know she filmed him. Jackson rested his face on his hands and looked at the tempting treats. After a while, the Little People, Big World boy scrunched up his face in impatience.

But he never reached for the candy. The LPBW fan-favorite then lay his head on the side and started fidgeting. But, he kept his eyes on the door for his mom. Eventually, after a big sigh, he put one fist on the table. But before temptation overcame him, his eyes brightened as he saw his mom return. Even then, he never took one until Tori said he could. He certainly looks like a very obedient child. How did Tori teach him such self-control? And, what’s the point of it?


The Marshmallow Experiment with delayed gratification

The test that Tori told Jackson to wait for originally arose with something similar. Called the Marshmallow Experiment, James Clear reminds readers it first happened in a study conducted in the 1960s. Stanford professor, Walter Mischel conducted similar thing to Tori but promised if the kids never ate the marshmallow before he returned, they’d get two. Working with kids a year or two older than Jackson, most of them failed and ate the marshmallow.

But like LPBW star Jackson, a handful resisted the temptation. Years later, those children, now adults, who fought the temptation, actually become more successful in life. As they grew up the kids got “higher SAT scores, lower levels of substance abuse, lower likelihood of obesity, better responses to stress, and better social skills.” The researchers tracked those kids into their 40s.  They all became successful in their fields of endeavor.

Had you ever heard of that experiment? Are you impressed that Jackson from LPBW managed it a full year younger than the youngest kids in the study? Sound off in the comments below.

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