‘BIP’ Alum Jade Liz Roper Says Her Son Brooks Needs ‘Bubble Wrap’ As He’s Accident-Prone

BIP Jade Liz Roper Son Brooks

BIP fans know that Jade Liz Roper gave birth to her son Brooks in her closet. The baby boy came in such a rush, she went through a rather torrid time. Later, she stressed because he struggled to feed properly. But he’s growing big now, and started pulling himself up. However, he’s also accident-prone, so she said she needs “bubble wrap.”

BIP – Jade Liz Roper talks abut Brooks reaching the accident-prone stage

Taking to Instagram this weekend, Jade shared a photo of Brooks sitting on the floor while he drank his bottle. He looked very cute and some fans thought he looked like a baby goat. Jade captioned it with, “Why do I find it sooo cute he drank his bottle this way!? 🤣🤣😍😍.” Next, she talked about how Brooks reached the “accident prone stage.” The little boy’s “not yet walking, but he’s pulling himself up on everything.” Of course, when he lets go while attempting to stand, he falls down.

Jade noted that he’s not very graceful. She added, “so many bumps and bonks lately, I’m about to wrap him in bubble wrap! 😂.” Plenty of other moms know exactly what she means. A few Bachelor in Paradise fans also birthed their children around the same time as Jade. One BIP fan said, “Our boys are a few days apart. I was in the hospital when I read your delivery story. We are in the same stage.. he bumps his head on everything.”


Brooks does well after surgery and a super-fast birth

TV Shows Ace reported that Brooks underwent a frenectomy. Born with a lip-tie,” he struggled with feeding. Jade said she felt guilty and desperately worried as he came in underweight at one stage. Finally, they decided the surgery could help their son. It involved the tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Brooks certainly seemed to be a much happier feeder after the surgery. These days, he has put on the right amount of weight and looks like a chubby baby boy.

Now going on 10 months old, People reminded readers about the rather traumatic birth for the Bachelor in Paradise couple. Tanner said that they actually sat “watching The Bachelorette” when Jade’s water broke. In fact, the BIP couple only expected Brooks in another two weeks time. Luckily Tanner’s mom was on hand during the birth. Jade planned on taking a bath and then going to the hospital. But Brooks came so fast, he arrived after a single push when the medics arrived.

Soon, Brook hits his one-year milestone. These days it looks like the son of the BIP couple’s well on his way to meeting his milestones. Do you agree though, that toddlers get accident prone when they try and stand? Sound off in the comments below.

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