Kim Kardashian Gets Judged For Being An Opportunist During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Smart businesswoman or opportunist? Kim Kardashian debuted her new line of fashionable face masks. And they came out amid the coronavirus pandemic. The new face masks are part of her SKIMS shapewear brand. Just like her shapewear, the masks also only come in a few neutral colors.

The face masks immediately sold out. Fans still love the Kardashian-Jenner family. But there are some who are giving Kim the side-eye for selling masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. They accused her of being an opportunist amid the global pandemic.

Fans call KUWTK star an opportunist

Predictably, Kim Kardashian’s masks sold out within hours of their launch. This was on Saturday, May 16. On Twitter, she announced that the SKIMS brand is working hard with its local partner. Their goal is to create more masks for those in need. The second batch will be available next week.

The SKIMS seamless face masks come in a four-pack and are available in five colors. Each set costs $25 and comes with free shipping. Business hasn’t slowed down for Kim. The entrepreneur has been busy promoting her new products on social media, per Pinkvilla.

But she’s also making time to help those in need. Last month, she donated 10,000 face masks to different organizations. These include Baby2Baby, Good+ Foundation, L.A. Food Bank, and National Domestic Workers Alliance.

Some fans have accused Kim of being an opportunist. They don’t understand why she couldn’t donate her new masks to the healthcare workers. After all, they are trying to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Rather than profiting from a global pandemic, why not donate those face masks to people who are working in the most high-risk industries so they can be protected when trying to do their jobs,” one fan wrote.

“Opportunist and greed โ€“ the Kardashian way,” another fan added.

Celebrities start hawking their own masks on social media

Per Forbes, Kim Kardashian isn’t the only celebrity to promote coronavirus fashion. It’s no secret that personal protective attire will become a part of everyday wear. And this is especially true when it comes to travel. Fashion designers and celebrities have been promoting their own lines of face masks. This typically happens on social media. And most of the proceeds support various coronavirus charities.

Both Ariana Grande and The Weeknd’s online merchandise store features their signature line of face masks. Katy Perry debuted her new merchandise to promote her new single “Daisies.” The line includes face masks that feature daisies all over them.

Kim Kardashian donates more money to charities helping with COVID-19 relief

The beauty mogul donated another $1 million through SKIMS to help those in need, per FanSided. Kim and her family have been helping out in various ways. They have also been donating cash. She also released her own line of personal care items to help those on the frontlines. In addition, Kim donated hand sanitizer.

SKIMS first donated $1 million to Baby2Baby’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund back in April. This latest donation supports Good+Foundation, L.A. Regional Food Bank, and National Domestic Workers Alliance. Not only did Kim donate masks, but she also donated millions of dollars.

So, what are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian releasing her own line of face masks? Do you also think it’s opportunistic? Sound off below in the comments section.

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