‘Live PD’: West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office Quickly Becomes Fan Favorite

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Live PD fans are in love with the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office. The new county first made its appearance on April 24 and will air until further notice. Fans are in love with Agent James Lewis II, including his man bun and his Hawaiian shirts. The county quickly became a fan favorite.

WBRSO is one of six counties participating in this season of Live PD, which airs through August. It’s unclear how many episodes will feature the Crime Suppression Unit, which has attracted fans across the nation. They became one of the latest counties to air on Live PD. The popular docuseries follows police officers throughout their communities and broadcasts their experiences on television.

WBRSO Narcotics Division becomes fan favorite on Live PD

As per The West Side Journal, the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office is part of the Narcotics Division under the guidance of Narcotics Major John Baker. It’s one of the latest agencies featured on the A&E series. Live PD gives viewers a glimpse into some of the country’s busiest police departments and the communities they patrol at night. The show wants to give a transparent look at law enforcement.


Major Baker told the outlet that the series has not made an impact on their daily operations. Criminal activity may reduce overtime since most don’t want to get caught. Since the Narcotics Division mostly goes undercover, no undercover officers will appear on the show, nor will they ever appear, Major Baker said.

Newest agency feels “blessed” to be on A&E docuseries

Sgt. Glen Henagan shared his praises for Live PD. He says that it’s “a great show that we were proud to be a part of” that is “always guaranteed to have some great apprehensions and information on wanted suspects.” The sudden fame has taken time to get used to.

“Being on Live PD the past few weeks has been a wild ride,” Lt. Brett Cavaliere admitted. “Normally, as police we are the unseen heroes – the buffer between calm and chaos.”


Live PD made it clear that the mission of West Baton Rouge Sherriff’s Office is to enforce law in a fair an impartial manner. Agent James Lewis II became a fan favorite among Live PD Nation for his relaxed and causal attire. But he’s not letting the fame get to head. Instead, he says that he feels “blessed” for the wonderful opportunity.

A&E orders additional programming for Live PD

The cable network expanded its programming line-up. Earlier this month, it renewed Live PD for another 160 episodes. A&E made the announcement during a press release, as per TV Series Finale. That means fans will be seeing more of the show throughout the year.

“A&E Network expands its programming slate of original series with the greenlight of two new projects spanning across live and non-fiction genres. In addition to these new orders, A&E’s hit series and cable’s #1 show on Fridays and Saturdays in 2019, Live PD, has been renewed for an additional 160 episodes.”

In addition, the series will celebrate its 300th episode this June. What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of Live PD series? Sound off below in the comments section.

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