Nanny Faye Chrisley Took Up Online Gambling During COVID-19 Quarantine

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Chrisley Knows Best star Nanny Faye may have a new online gambling problem amid the coronavirus lock down.

How are the Chrisleys surviving quarantine?

During their recent appearance on Peacock Presents: The At-Home Variety Show Featuring Seth MacFarlane, the Chrisleys were asked how they were surviving quarantine. They all had very different answers to the question.

As we previously reported, Chase Chrisley decided to answer with a little humor. He noted that he “gained 15 pounds” during quarantine. Most suspect this is a combination of eating out of boredom and not being able to get out of the house to do things. Was he sitting around the house watching too much Netflix? Grayson certainly was! His little brother admitted watching Netflix and playing video games consumes most of his day.

So, what is Nanny Faye doing to get through the days?

For starters, Nanny Faye explained how she handled dating amid the COVID-19 lock down. She jested that she sat on her porch and waved to her potential suitors. This response cracked everyone up.

Then, her family wanted to know how she was handling her gambling addition. After all, Nanny Faye really enjoyed spending time at the casino. As everyone knows, casinos have been closed for awhile. Fortunately, Nanny Faye revealed a good friend “hooked her up” with a solution to her problem.

Nanny Faye has access to the internet. And, whoever the friend was, they also taught her how to enjoy gaming online. So, she’s now able to feed her addiction from the comfort of her own home.

Does Nanny Faye still desire to return to a real casino?

Is online gambling enough to keep Nanny Faye happy? Turns out, Julie Chrisley wanted to know the answer to this too.

Julie asked if online gambling meant Nanny Faye would not be in line at the casino when the doors finally open back up.

Nanny Faye, surprisingly, went speechless. Not wanting to answer, she simply chuckled. Clearly, online gambling was merely a substitute for going to an actual casino. As soon as she is able to, it is safe to assume she’ll probably enjoy the real thing once more.

Fans can only hope Nanny Faye is being safe and careful with gambling. Fans want her to enjoy life. But, online gambling can quickly get out of control.

So, does it surprise you to know Nanny Faye took up online gaming during the pandemic? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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