Did Jana Duggar Lie In Her Mother’s Day Tribute To Michelle?

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Jana Duggar was one of many to pay tribute to Michelle on Mother’s Day. Considering how many children Michelle Duggar has… Mother’s Day is likely a very big day for her. As we previously reported, Jana posted a very heartwarming tribute on Instagram. Now, however, some followers of the Counting On family question of the tribute was just for show. In fact, some are speculating just how much truth and honesty was in that tribute.

Jana referred to her mother as ‘selfless’

“Mom, If I were to think of one word to describe you, the first word that comes to mind is ‘selfless.’ You are always giving of your time, energy and resources to bless others. I honestly don’t know how you do all that you do!” Jana penned in her heartwarming tribute to her mother.

Jana went on to open up about how her mother was always around. She noted Michelle was always in the background. Ready to clean up messes. To help look for lost toys. And to assist in prayer when needed. Regardless of what she and her siblings needed… She takes great comfort in knowing her mother was always there.

“If we have messed up and failed miserably, even broken your heart, you are always there for us, forgiving us before we even ask, and forever loving us unconditionally.”

Duggar Snarks had nothing good to say about the tribute to Michelle

Unsurprisingly, Duggar Snarks were all over the tribute to Michelle Duggar on Instagram. Now, as we have mentioned before, the Duggar Snark subreddit is not a place for fans. It, however, does not mean they do not follow the family with a fine-toothed comb. Duggar Snarks took issue with the words of the tribute as well as the photos.

What did they have issues with exactly?

For starters, many believed Michelle Duggar had lifeless eyes in the photos. Was she even happy with quickly becoming the mother of so many children? Some suspect this was a life Jim Bob Duggar forced on her.

Others took issue with the food she served her children in the photo. Were they actually eating tater tots and French fries as a meal?


Here’s some of what Duggar Snarks had to say about the tribute:

  • “Man you can see the life sucked right out of her eyes in this. Never realized it happened so early on.”
  • “The food on the plate just looks like fries with a side of tater tots. Michelle’s recipes never wavered! She treated the kids equally through the years by ensuring they all never had fresh veggies lol.”

Some also took issue with the actual content of the tribute

In the tribute, Jana commended her mother on always being there for her and her siblings. She gushed about all of the various things Michelle Duggar helped with. Now, neither fans or trolls can attest to what is and is not true. After all, neither fans nor Duggar Snarks lived within those four walls during Jana’s childhood. But, a lot of information has come out now that her children are adults.

For example, Michelle and Jim Bob have been accused of forcing their older children to care for the younger siblings. This was a theory that just made sense given it would be physically impossible for Michelle and Jim Bob to provide a proper amount of care to so many children.


So, some could not help but wonder how many lost toys Michelle Duggar actually took part in locating.

Was she as “always there” for her children as Jana Duggar claims?

Regardless of what fans and Duggar Snarks think… There is no denying it was a very sweet tribute to her mother. That, however, doesn’t change some questioning how much of it was true.

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