‘Chrisley Knows Best’: Julie Chrisley Also Contracted Coronavirus

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Turns out, in addition to Todd, his wife Julie Chrisley also contracted the coronavirus.

Todd Chrisley and his family updated fans on dealing with the cornoavirus.

Todd Chrisley and his entire family (minus Chloe) made an appearance via video conference on Peacock Presents: The At-Home Variety Show Featuring Seth MacFarlane. The purpose of the appearance was to discuss how the family handled COVID-19 and being quarantined.

As we previously reported, Todd Chrisley revealed he contracted COVID-19 during the beginning of April. Chrisley Knows Best fans know Todd spent several days in the hospital because of how sick he was. While Todd is certainly doing much better now, he can’t remember a time in his life when he was sicker.

During their appearance on Peacock Presents, the family shared a bit more on the experience. As those who follow the Chrisleys know, they are a very close family. So, they worried other members of the family would get sick as well.

Julie and Todd stayed on different levels of the house.

Julie and Todd revealed they tried to spend as much time apart as possible. Todd added they communicated by text message. So, he could still tell Julie when he needed something. And, she was able to get it for him. In this way, she could assist in nursing him back to health.

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According to Todd, he was so sick he didn’t want to get out of bed. Todd recalls feeling like passing out any time he tried to get out of bed. He claimed Julie “got sick” of him. And, she “shipped” him to the hospital because of it.

At the hospital, he spent the next three and a half days recovering. He, however, didn’t recall much of the time he spent at the hospital because of how sick he was.

Julie shook her head “no” while he was telling this story. Indicating that she wasn’t as sick of him or trying to get rid of him.

Mama Chrisley reveals she also contracted the virus.

Turns out, Todd was not the only member of the Chrisley family to get the virus. Julie revealed she had it too. Fans speculate this is when Julie shipped Todd to the hospital. Perhaps she was not well enough to nurse him to health anymore?

Julie also revealed because Todd was sick… She did not have anyone to nurse her back to health. Todd, however, didn’t think she needed help the same way he did.

Todd Chrisley did have a bit of an explanation as to why her getting sick wasn’t as big of a deal. After all, this appearance was the first fans had heard of her having the virus. He noted she just wasn’t as sick as he was.

He jested that he had the “real corona” and she had the “fake corona.”

This information comes on the heels of fans learning Julie and Chase went shopping without masks.

As we previously reported, fans were not happy with Julie and Chase Chrisley after learning they went shopping at Target without wearing masks. Some fans might have a hard time discovering Julie Chrisley also contracted the virus. Could it make fans even more upset that she was shopping without wearing a mask?

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