‘Teen Mom’ Star Cheyenne Saves Her Daughter’s Life

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A new episode of Teen Mom OG aired on Tuesday, May 12, on which Cheyenne Floyd ends up in the emergency room with her daughter, Ryder. If Cheyenne hadn’t taken these measures, the medical complications could have cost Ryder her life.


Ryder’s health conditions

Ryder has dealt with very-long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (VLCAD) since she was born. This disease makes it difficult for her body to convert fats into energy. People with VLCAD must avoid low blood sugar by eating every four to six hours. Because Ryder has this disease, she is at risk for many other medical complications, such as heart disease.

Teen Mom OG‘s Cheyenne is aware of her daughter’s health risks and is cautious when Ryder isn’t well. So, when Cheyenne noticed her daughter’s fever and nausea, she quickly took her to the emergency room.

Cheyenne’s emergency room visits with Ryder

At the hospital, Cheyenne waited while doctors tested Ryder. Even though they assumed that the issues stemmed from VLCAD, they needed to find the exact root of her current state.  Eventually, Ryder was given an IV and started eating again.

The Teen Mom OG star stayed with her daughter until she was discharged from the hospital. Luckily, Ryder was soon sent home to recover. However, Cheyenne and Ryder returned to the hospital the next day when Ryder’s fever came back.

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne debates telling Ryder’s dad

Ryder’s dad, Cory Wharton, wasn’t around when all this happened. Cory was filming an episode of The Challenge, and Cheyenne didn’t want to distract him or make him feel obligated to come back. She tells viewers, “Part of me wants to tell him because he’s never going to understand because he’s missed these times, but I just don’t want to mess with his head.” However, she also admits to wishing he could be there to support her.

The response from Teen Mom OG fans and Cheyenne’s family

Cheyenne notes that her family believes in the energy of the universe. Thus, her mom disagrees with Cheyenne’s openness about Ryder’s health concerns. Cheyenne’s mother worries that the negative response from the public may interfere with Ryder’s recovery. She believes that Cheyenne should wait until her daughter is better before sharing the news regarding their emergency room visits.

Cheyenne admits that, at first, this made it hard for her to share these events on Teen Mom OG. However, she received a positive response from fans. Others who have similar diseases shared their success stories with Cheyenne.  Mothers of children with VLCAD also reached out to Cheyenne. This brought comfort and encouragement to Cheyenne, which leads her to continue sharing Ryder’s journey.

Do you think Cheyenne should have told Cory about Ryder’s emergency room visits? Let us know in the comments.

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