Mady Gosselin Responds To Trolls About Coronavirus Safety

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Sunday was a big day of celebrations for the Gosselin family. Kate Gosselin celebrated Mother’s Day, and the sextuplets had their 16th birthday. On social media, the family members shared posts about each other and the day’s celebrations. Mady Gosselin took to her Instagram stories to document part of the celebration. In her stories, she reveals that the family spent some time at the park. This was for both Mother’s Day and the sextuplets’ birthday.

Instead of sharing a post about his birth mom, Kate, Collin Gosselin thanked Colleen Conrad. Colleen is currently dating Jon Gosselin, Collin’s dad. Collin lives with Jon and Colleen instead of his mom. On her own social media page, Kate shared a post about the sextuplets’ birthday celebration. She reveals that she bought them a bunch of sugary cereals because that’s what they wanted.

Mady Gosselin deals with trolls on Instagram

In her Instagram stories, Mady shares about the celebration at the park. Stories expire after 24 hours and fans cannot publicly respond. In the snaps she shares, she’s wearing a face mask and gloves. Amid the coronavirus, many people are opting to wear protective gear whenever they leave the house. In general, it’s not necessary when going on a walk or run unless you’re in contact with other people. So, some of Mady Gosselin’s followers are giving her trouble over the mask and gloves she’s wearing. They decided to comment on a different post of Mady’s from the same day since they can’t comment on her stories.

In the comments section of her social media post, one troll writes, “Seriously? Masks and gloves just to go into the park?” Another claims that protective gear “doesn’t even prevent” the spread of the coronavirus. Mady didn’t want to hear it from the trolls, so she responded, “It’s a public park so there were other people present. We wear the suggested protective gear out of courtesy to others. Besides, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry!” Mady was not rude in her response and even added a smiley face.

Fortunately, most of Mady Gosselin’s followers are leaving positive comments on her post. They’re taking the opportunity to wish her siblings a happy birthday. The trolls are few and far between. But, Mady still thinks it’s important to defend herself on social media. In response to Mady’s clapback, fans are applauding her for being smart. They’re also questioning the trolls’ reasoning for commenting. One asked why the trolls are putting Mady down. Another said, “They were doing the right thing.”

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